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Hidden Cities Dubai: Neha

October 22, 2018 / Dubai

Discover the underground supper club where noodles take center stage.

See the city through the eyes of Neha, who was inspired to share her passion with the local foodie community through a weekly supper club in her own living room.

Journey through the old neighborhoods of Karama and Satwa, where you’ll find the Al Karama Fish Market and some of Dubai’s most authentic Indian and Pakistani food courtesy of the long-standing restaurants there.

In other parts of the city, get inspired by the international flavors and ingredients you can find at places like the 1004 Mart Asia food store and Sarhad Darbar.

“It makes me think about how much the city has grown but then there are still some places that haven’t really moved or changed in time.”

About Neha Mishra

Neha runs a food-focused Instagram account named @astoryoffood. A resident of Dubai since childhood, Neha has seen the city’s many developments over the years. The one thing that always stuck was her love for food and the stories that are tied to it, which is why her special spots in Dubai are food-centric places like old restaurants. She started her page as a creative outlet to explore her love of food, and over time, she found herself focusing her efforts on ramen and falling in love with its complex simplicity. What started out as an excuse to test her creations with friends and family has now turned into a full-fledged dinner series/supper club.