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Hidden Cities Dubai: Brownmonkeys

November 29, 2018 / Dubai

Discover the Filipino art collective behind Dubai’s first urban art exhibition.

Get a behind-the-scenes view of the local contemporary art landscape with a group of 8 Filipino artists who make up the longest-running art collective known in Dubai.

Look out over their old stomping grounds in Deira and Satwa, where the neighborhood culture helped shape their work. Follow a time-lapse through their alternative art installations and gallery exhibitions at spots like FN Designs, then pull up a chair at their favorite hot pot restaurant, Yan Shuang.

“We lived in Satwa before. Hanging out with people there and jamming with them is where you get this culture. This is where you evolve.”

About Brownmonkeys

Together since 2007, The Brownmonkeys is an art and design collective of 8 Filipinos based in Dubai. A group of multi-disciplinary artists who offer an alternative approach to contemporary art and design, their work has been featured in installations and exhibitions all over the city, from Al Serkal galleries to the Dubai Zoo Skate Park to underground hotel clubs. Through workshops, brand collaborations and exhibition events, they’ve made ongoing contributions to the growing art scene in Dubai.