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Rides for vaccinations

From teachers to seniors, we’re helping to make sure transportation isn’t a barrier to receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

During the first wave of COVID-19, we offered 10 million free rides, meals, and deliveries to essential workers and vulnerable communities around the world.

When the vaccines began to be made available, less than 12 months after the start of the pandemic, we decided to give away 10 million more free and discounted rides to and from vaccination appointments, to help get people worldwide vaccinated against COVID quickly and safely.

We have established innovative programs with a number of national and local organizations with deep ties to communities disproportionately hurt by the pandemic.

Uber is offering rides to people who don’t have access to transportation to get to their vaccination appointment.

In the US, these include the League of United Latin American Citizens, Morehouse School of Medicine, National Action Network, National Urban League, UNIDOS, and many more to help people get to their vaccination appointments.

Around the world, we have developed new working models with la Croix-Rouge in France, CUFA in Brazil, and HelpAge India, among many more to ensure that transportation is not a barrier to accessing vaccinations.

Here are 3 organizations out of the many we work with around the world to ensure that vulnerable and underserved communities are able to access vaccinations:

International Rescue Committee (US)

Provided free rides to refugees, building on our global partnership with the IRC during the first wave of COVID-19.


Launched the Uber Vaccine Access Fund in partnership with LISC, Walgreens, and PayPal, with over $11 million invested at the start.

UNESCO (Global)

We offered 1 million rides for teachers around the world to ensure that education can resume as normal as soon as possible.

Check back soon to read more about what we’ve done and plan to do. In the meantime, you can read more about our rides for recovery here.

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