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Rent a car in Egypt

Rent a car in Cairo and start driving quickly, with total flexibility. Renting gives you a wide choice of vehicles, with insurance and maintenance usually included in the price. Other options are also available.

Benefits of renting

Start making money today

Once you've signed up with Uber you can rent a car for 2 days or longer and start driving with Uber straight away.

Worry-free wheels

Stay safe. Stay on the road. All car rentals include maintenance and insurance.

How to rent a car to drive with Uber

1. Sign up to drive

Create your account.

2. Go to dryve's website from the link below

3. Download the dryve app and sign up

Rental partners



  • Program type: P2P Rentals
  • Vehicle type: All types
  • Duration: Min 2 days - Max Unlimited
  • Security deposit: Not Available
  • Rental fee: starting from 160 EGP/day
  • Insurance: Included
  • Discounts: 5% on weekly rentals - 20% on monthly rentals

Deal Conditions

Anyone can apply How to apply Click on apply and enter your details Someone from dryve will contact you


Choose what's right for you

Lease a car

No car? No problem. Kickstart your business with a full-maintenance lease.

Join a fleet

Driving for a fleet means you don’t have to buy your own car. We can connect you to people who own a fleet of vehicles you can use.

Start making money with Uber in Egypt

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