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City of Chicago

Debt Questions

Under City of Chicago law, it is mandatory for Uber to notify partners of all outstanding debt owed to the city. You must resolve your debt with the city by April 2, 2019 or the city will require Uber to put your driver account on hold.

To stay on the road, you must pay your debt or enter into a payment plan. Please scroll down for all information you need to settle your debts.

Pay tickets now

Steps to take to pay or enroll in a payment plan

What to do to settle your debts

Pay online

Use the city's website to pay your tickets online. You can use your driver's license or license plate numbers to look up your tickets.

Enroll in a payment plan online

If eligible, you may enroll in a payment plan on the city's website. Enrolling online saves you the 22% collection fee, which may have been added to your tickets if they were referred to a collection firm.

Enroll in a payment plan over the phone

To enroll over the phone, you may call one of the numbers listed below based on the first letter of your last name. If you enroll over the phone, you will not save on the 22% collection fee.

  • A - H: (866)-391-3975
  • I - K: (888)-272-1170
  • L - T: (312)-604-7100
  • U - Z: (773)-265-2600

Pay in person

For a list of locations that accept in-person payments, please visit the link below.


You can call the city's customer service team at 312-744-7275 with any questions you may have.

All set?

Once you've paid your outstanding debt or entered into a payment plan, the city will notify Uber. There's nothing else you need to do.

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