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Introducing JUMP scooters

There’s a new way to get around your city. Electric scooters are available through the Uber app.

Meet JUMP scooters. They’re fun, affordable, and easy to use—and only available through the Uber app.

Find a scooter near you

Make sure your Uber app is updated to the latest version, then tap Ride at the top of your screen and select Bike & Scooter.

There are 2 ways to start your ride

Reserve a scooter

Reserve a scooter, find it, and then scan the QR code on the handlebar using the Uber app to unlock it.

Walk up to a scooter

Walk up to a scooter, tap the blue QR code icon in the Uber app, and scan the QR code on the handlebar to unlock it.

Kick, push, and go

Kick off the ground 3 times to get going, and press the throttle for a boost up to 15 mph. Press the brake on the left handlebar to slow down, or step on the rear brake to come to a more immediate stop.

Ride responsibly

Among other things, wear a helmet when you ride, follow all traffic laws, and park near a bike rack in the parking zone shown in the Uber app. Don’t have a helmet? We’ve partnered with some of the best helmet companies to offer our riders discounts.


Nimm dir eine Minute Zeit und lies dir unsere Sicherheitstipps durch, bevor du dich auf den Sattel schwingst.


JUMP scooters are available in select cities.


  • What are the requirements to ride?

    • A valid US driver’s license
    • Must be 18+ years old
    • Must wear a helmet
    • Ride in bike lanes—not on sidewalks
    • Follow all traffic and other laws
    • Ride within the speed limit
  • How do I find and ride a scooter?

    Open your Uber app, then tap Ride at the top of your screen. Select Bike & Scooter. You’ll see all the scooters near you on the map.

    You can either tap to reserve a scooter on the map, or walk up and unlock it by scanning the QR code on the handlebar. You could also enter the alphanumeric ID on the scooter into the app to unlock it. Reserving a scooter in the app ahead of time ensures that the scooter is there for you when you arrive.

  • Where can I ride my scooter?

    When you’re on the road, be mindful of your safety and those sharing the street with you. No bike lanes? No problem, just ride like a bike with the flow of traffic.

    You can ride scooters in and out of the parking zone on the map, but you must park your scooter and end your ride within the parking zone. Otherwise, you will be charged a $25 fee. If you happen to end your ride outside the parking zone, you’ll be notified.

  • Where are scooters available?

    See jump.com/cities for the most updated list of cities.