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Czech Republic Invoice Requirements

Everything your invoice needs to be processed in a smooth and timely manner.

IMPORTANT: Most of the required information below is found on your Uber Purchase Order. Please do not start work or provide goods without one. For more information, please see our FAQs.

SUBMISSION: Invoices must be submitted during the same month of the invoice issuance date

Invoice Format

All invoices submitted to Uber must be in your local language, in PDF format, and contain the following:

Header Information

  • Purchase Order (PO) number
  • Unique invoice number
    • Please note: Only submit individual invoices; we will not accept statements of account.
  • Date of invoice issuance
  • Time of supply, if different than date of issue

Your Supplier Information

  • Name as shown on your Uber PO
  • Address
  • VAT number

Uber Information

Please find the information below on your PO:

  • Legal name of Uber entity being billed
  • Registered bill-to address of Uber entity

Cost & Tax Information

  • Subtotal amount (excluding tax)
  • Tax amount payable (in local currency)
  • Tax rate applied
  • Any discount not included in the price
  • Grand total amount (including tax)

Product or Service Information

Please ensure the items below match your PO:

  • Description
  • Quantity
  • Unit price

IMPORTANT: Invoices missing the above information will risk rejection. If rejected, the invoice will need to be re-submitted with an updated invoice date, which will reset the payment due date.


  • Description: A description sufficient to identify the goods or services being supplied
  • Quantity: The number of goods supplied
  • Unit Price: The price per unit, exclusive of VAT/GST (e.g., hourly/daily rate, cost per item, rent or lease fees per period)
  • Name of Uber entity being billed: Complete business names must be spelled correctly and include any organization type abbreviations in the company name (i.e Inc., Ltd., LLC). Full entity names are given on your Purchase Order.
  • Bill-to address of Uber entity: Address of Uber entity must appear exactly as on your Purchase Order.


Please reach to the Uber employee you are working with to have him or her create the purchase order. Urge your business partners to create a purchase request. If they need any assistance, have them contact buy