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Uber Eats

Whether it’s a sandwich, a burrito, or groceries, the Uber Eats team builds technology to connect people with what they want, when and where they want it.

Inside Uber Eats


Explore our Uber Eats teams

  • We build the code behind the products that millions of delivery-partners, eaters, and restaurants use. We’re focused on making Uber Eats faster, safer, and more reliable, by building scalable software solutions.

  • Les esprits créatifs et stratégiques des membres de notre équipe œuvre pour stimuler la demande tout en établissant des relations significatives et en instaurant un sens de la communauté parmi les consommateurs, les restaurants et les coursiers. Notre objectif consiste à hisser la marque Uber Eats dans le cœur et l'esprit des consommateurs et des clients du monde entier.

  • We are on the frontline introducing restaurant partners to Uber Eats and partnering with restaurants to grow our businesses together.

  • Every day, Data Science is making Eats more popular and convenient, and its operations more efficient and reliable using data analysis and modeling.

  • Our Design team crafts functional and delightful user experiences for consumers, restaurants, and consumers—on screen and in the real world—and helps set a people-centric long term vision for Eats. We are an interdisciplinary team including product designers, writers, and researchers.

  • You will envision and execute on new products or product features in order to accelerate the trajectory of Uber Eats globally in a matter of months, not years.

  • Uber Eats empowers our regional and local teams through insights, analysis, and thought leadership.

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