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Uber’s technology offerings

Die Art zu verändern, wie Menschen Fahrten bestellen und von A nach B kommen, ist nur der Anfang.

The Uber app gives riders—and drivers—the power to get where they want to go

From clear navigation options to cashless payments, the app is designed to help people get to their destinations.

Uber Eats

Lasse dir dein Lieblingsessen liefern

Order from your favorite restaurants, online or with the Uber app. The restaurants will prepare your order, and a nearby delivery person will deliver it to your door.


Getting food to your customers

Uber Eats makes a real impact on your restaurant business. When your food is featured in the app, new customers can discover it and loyal customers can enjoy it more often. Delivery people using the Uber app deliver the food fast, maintaining the best possible food quality.

Uber Freight


Uber Freight ist eine kostenlose App, die Spediteure und Verlader zusammenbringt. Verlader tippen auf eine Schaltfläche, um umgehend die Ladung zu buchen, die sie transportieren möchten. Und dank des im Voraus angezeigten Fahrpreises wissen Spediteure immer, wie viel Umsatz sie erzielen werden.

Uber for Business

Einfachere Geschäftsfahrten

Whether it’s employee travel or customer rides, Uber for Business gives you an easy way to manage your ground travel needs. Built for work, it offers a clear view into employee trip activity with automated billing, expensing, and reporting.

Advanced Technologies Group

Der Weg zu selbstfahrenden Fahrzeugen

This innovative team is dedicated to building safe, reliable, and cost-effective self-driving technologies. With teams in Boulder, Detroit, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Seattle, and Toronto, the group is bringing self-driving cars to the Uber network.

Uber Elevate

The future of urban mobility

Uber Elevate is exploring the barriers we need to overcome in order to make urban air mobility accessible. Elevate’s mission is to weave everyday flight of people and things into the Uber platform.

Uber Health

Fewer no-shows. More on-time appointments

We’ve partnered with healthcare organizations to provide their members and patients with access to care by offering them flexible ride-scheduling options. Healthcare professionals can schedule rides for patients and caregivers going to and from the care they need, all from a single dashboard.

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Use your Uber app to rent an easy-to-use electric assist bike provided by JUMP. JUMP bikes and scooters are available in dozens of cities around the world.