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Vehicle licence

Our commercial insurance policy works with your personal insurance coverage to protect you whenever you’re driving with Uber. Here’s how it works.

Commercial Insurance

In the event of an accident during a trip, you and your passengers are protected by this policy. The policy covers civil liability and, in certain circumstances, loss or damage to the vehicle.

This insurance coverage includes:

  • $1 million civil liability coverage per incident: This covers a ridesharing driver’s civil liability to third parties from the moment a driver logs onto the Uber app until the moment the driver logs off.

  • Contingent Coverages: Coverage is provided for collision and upset, all perils other than collision and upset, travel expenses and value of damage, if the driver has the coverage on his/her own personal auto policy. The coverage and deductible payable by the driver are those included in his/her personal auto policy.

Personal insurance

Driver partners remain responsible for maintaining their personal lines of insurance, which provide coverage when the driver is using their vehicle for personal use.

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