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Understanding your Uber Eats Daily Order Summary

You’ll receive a daily email report on your Uber Eats store(s). Learn how to understand the terminology in the report and get tips on how to improve store performance.

Tips to improve store performance

  • Get better delivery partner ratings by reducing wait times and order mixups

  • Follow our service guidelines so that items arrive at ideal temperatures

  • Find and adjust order processing issues during specific shifts by using the daypart category

Note: when there is no data, a dash (—) will appear in place of a number.

Uber Eats order fulfillment guidelines

Customer satisfaction with Uber Eats restaurant partners depends largely on error-free order fulfillment. So we’ve compiled the guidelines below to help ensure consistent operations.

Tips for error-free fulfillment

  • Update the operating procedure in your store(s) to include our service guidelines

  • Don’t cook to order—doing so will cause delays. When orders are not ready at pickup, delivery partners often rate stores negatively and customers wait longer for food.

  • Dedicate a front counter register to processing Uber Eats orders

  • Check throughout the day that your store is signed in to Restaurant Manager. “Accepting Orders” should be visible in the bottom left corner of the dashboard.

  • Consider hardwiring your tablet if you believe negative report numbers are due to your wifi connection

  • Keep the tablet plugged in at all times to ensure a constant supply of power