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Total sales

Total dollar amount of sales, including tax

Guest count

This is the total number of orders completed by a restaurant

Average check

Average guest check after tax has been calculated and excluding your delivery fee

Long restaurant time

Represents the percent of orders with restaurant times (see definition below) longer than 5%

Customer sentiment

Calculated by dividing the sum of all positive customer ratings by the sum of total customer ratings

Delivery partner sentiment

Your store(s) will be rated by delivery partners with either a thumbs-up or thumbs-down icon; this metric is calculated by dividing the sum of all positive (thumbs-up) delivery partner ratings by the sum of total delivery partner ratings


Indicates employee work shifts


The target number for each category, set jointly between Uber Eats and McDonald's® Corporation

Restaurant time

The time between delivery partner arrival and departure from the restaurant


The total amount of time the Uber Eats tablet is online and accepting orders during a store's typical operating hours

Pause time

The total amount of time that orders were paused during scheduled hours of operations

Uber Eats order fulfillment guidelines

Customer satisfaction with Uber Eats restaurant partners depends largely on error-free order fulfillment. So we’ve compiled the guidelines below to help ensure consistent operations.

  • Order Review

    Look over the following information:

    • Order size: Check to see if there are enough items available to fulfill the order
    • Problems: See if there are any issues that may require a call to the customer
    • Ingredients: Ensure that food preparers have what is needed for a quick assembly
  • Prep Notification

    After hearing the prep ping*, enter the order into the POS. Make sure all items in the order and any required packaging will be ready at pickup. Temperature-sensitive items, such as ice cream or french fries, are best added when the delivery partner arrives.

    *We suggest adding a Bluetooth speaker to stores with noisy environments.

  • Delivery partner pickup

    Check the Uber Eats order number with the delivery partner before packaging the entire order.