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Introducing cash deliveries in Uber Flash

Users can choose to pay for Uber Flash rides with cash. This means that you will receive payment at the time of pickup or delivery of the item, give change, and receive your earnings on the spot. With this additional payment option, more people can order from the Uber app, you'll make more deliveries and earn more money.

1. For situations of Uber Flash trips paid in cash at the beginning of the trip

Remember to collect the amount that appears in the app.

2. For the situations of Uber Flash trips paid in cash at the end of the trip

Collect the amount that appears in your application and that's it!

3. Track your earnings

After each delivery, you can see how much you earned for the trip and how much you owe Uber for the service fee. In case the amount you received by making card payment deliveries is not enough to cover how much you should pay for the cash deliveries, you should pay the boleto sent to you. This slip is usually sent on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

We answer your questions

What do I do if the customer has not paid for the delivery (full or partial amount)?


If, at the end of the trip, the amount is different from what was received, you should go into your application and report it:

Menu -> Help -> Help with a trip -> Trip value review -> I did not receive the correct amount of money.

When should I pay?

When should I pay?


Você receberá o boleto toda terça-feira, quinta-feira e sábado. Realize pagamentos regularmente e não deixe que suas dívidas aumentem, assim poderá continuar recebendo pedidos em dinheiro. Sua conta pode demorar de 1 a 5 dias para atualizar depois de realizar o pagamento, portanto se receber um novo boleto referente a um valor já pago neste período, não precisa pagá-lo novamente.

Remember. If you have debt with a very high value, you may have problems getting orders.