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Find your state COVID-19 vaccine and eligibility information

January 29 / US

Last Updated April 8

All rideshare and delivery drivers are essential to keeping our communities moving. Because of that, many of you will be able to get priority access to the COVID-19 vaccine.

In this guide, we’ll share vaccine eligibility information from your state to help you navigate the process, which we know can be complicated and confusing. The official information from county, state, and federal government agencies changes rapidly. We’ll update this guide with more information as it becomes available, but you may need to check local guidance as well.

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If essential workers have been given priority access in your state, as a driver or delivery person using Uber you can show the in-app essential worker card at your vaccination appointment if asked to confirm your essential worker status.  This card can be found in the Driver app through the COVID-19 section of the app.

How to access the in-app essential worker card. 

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State-specific information

Additional state-specific information will be updated as we get more visibility into vaccination timelines.

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      This guide and its contents are not medical advice. Any questions you have about the vaccine and whether it is right for you should be directed to a healthcare provider. Vaccine eligibility criteria are determined by state and local governments and may be subject to change. Please check local government guidelines to confirm eligibility and what to bring to your appointment, as you may be required to show proof of insurance, and/or identification. This page will be updated at regular cadences, but you should check with your local government for the most up to date information