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Uber and Payfare Partner to Pay Driver-Partners Right Away

April 17, 2017 / Global

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Kevin Godfrey, CTO of Payfare Inc.

Meet Saleem, Payfare’s very first user. Saleem is one of over two million Uber Driver-Partners globally. Like many on-demand economy earners, he would like his payments to be deposited quickly to his bank account. As a new immigrant, he does not have access to traditional credit but remains very determined and driven!

Thanks to Payfare, Saleem now has immediate access to the money he’s earned. He has better cash flow for everyday and unexpected expenses such as bills, groceries, fuel and vehicle maintenance.

Using Payfare, Saleem’s earnings are automatically deposited to his Payfare Mastercard every day (even on weekends and holidays). A simple tap in the Payfare app lets Saleem cash out the earnings he has made throughout the day.

The Payfare Mastercard mobile bank account

Two key offerings of the Payfare service are a free, full-service mobile bank account and companion Mastercard. Driver Partners can shop in-store or online anywhere Mastercard is accepted. They can also withdraw cash from ATM’s, send money, pay bills & more.

For added convenience, Driver-Partners are able to access their account 24/7 online or in-app via their iOS or Android device. Payfare and Mastercard make it easy for Driver-Partners to sign up to drive with Uber, get paid quickly, and start spending.

Unlocking value instantly for Driver-Partners

Driver-Partners love the instant gratification and peace of mind of Payfare’s on-demand banking solution. Today, Payfare is helping thousands of Driver-Partners access their cash by getting paid every day. Here are some key metrics that highlight the value and benefits of Payfare’s service:

  • In just 90 days since launching in Canada, over 10% of active Driver-Partners have already signed up for Payfare.
  • 83% of Payfare users have used the in-app ‘cash out now’ feature to get their money even faster than Payfare’s traditional daily deposit.

Payfare also provides complimentary roadside assistance and other great benefits such as fuel discounts, insurance, fraud protection and more to make Driver-Partners’ lives easier.

Happy Driver-Partners are speaking up

“I drove taxis for 30+ years and always had cash. It was hard switching to weekly pay when I signed on to drive with Uber — but now because of Payfare I’m paying my bills on time — and it gets me driving more knowing I will have money each day when I need it.”

“You guys saved me! I ran out of fuel and needed cash right away.”

How it works: Our Integration with the Uber Driver API

Utilizing the Uber Driver API, we validate and enroll Driver-Partners through the /partners/me endpoint. Payfare then captures Driver-Partners’ earnings data from /partners/payments in real-time to ensure they have access to their money earned — on-demand or automatically each day. The API data allows us to accurately process these payments directly to each Driver-Partners’ Payfare Mastercard.

public function getProfile($access_token) {
    $method = 'GET';
    $endpoint = '/v1/partners/me';
    $profile = $this->request($access_token, $method, $endpoint);

return $profile;

   "driver_id": "8Gf1TDkXR0yCh4pWBC-L-ADeNUSXwJCnxEKqTLf2WKGfe6Q_CCNPuxgGGsGZzyCKJ2SQS394dXT5T8un3rgu-eI=",
   "first_name": "John",
   "last_name": "Driver",
   "phone_number": "+12345678901",
   "email": "",
   "rating": 4.9,
   "promo_code": "join_john_on_uber",
   "activation_status": "active"

Thanks to the API’s OAuth 2.0 endpoint, Driver-Partner’s can sign-up for Payfare in just a few minutes via our app, online or in-person at an Uber Greenlight Hub.

“Our partnership with Uber and Driver API integration has allowed Payfare to build an on-demand banking solution with a great user experience that can be scaled globally for Driver-Partners everywhere. Working with the Uber Developer Platform team was a deeply collaborative exercise, and we look forward to iterating on our current implementation together as new endpoints and API’s become available.” — Kevin Godfrey, CTO of Payfare Inc.

Driving financial inclusion and empowerment with Uber and Mastercard

In the short term, our plan is to roll out the Payfare on-demand banking solution globally across multiple international markets. We will also continue leveraging the Uber Driver API to create new banking and payment services such as fuel credit and savings, overdraft protection and more.

Payfare’s partnership with Uber and Mastercard is driving financial inclusion and empowerment for Driver-Partners around the globe. We are excited about our collaboration with Uber to build new fintech innovations and look forward to providing Driver-Partners with the financial tools they need to thrive in today’s fast-paced on-demand economy.

About Payfare

Payfare is a global fintech company providing on-demand payments and mobile banking for the next-generation of earners. For more information, please visit

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