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Staying productive on the road with Uber Comfort

July 29, 2019 / US

Whether they’re in the air, on a train, or in the back seat of a ride with Uber, your travelers want to maximize their productivity, using this time to get a head start on the day’s tasks. 

As a travel manager, how can you support your travelers as they hit their goals on the go? In this Uber for Business post, we’ll review how travelers approach work on the road, the obstacles they may face, and how the new Uber Comfort can support your travelers’ on-the-go goals. 

How are travelers working on the road?

Business people spend a significant amount of time traveling. US Census data shows that the average American worker spends around 18 days’ worth of time commuting each year—and that’s just going to the office and back. Road warriors add more hours in the air or in the car to that total.

Many travelers choose to use this time to get a head start on their work. More than half of travelers jump on the day’s emails, read through important documents, prepare and rehearse presentations, and complete other small tasks while moving from place to place. Thanks to this uninterrupted chunk of time, they can walk into the office with a fully read inbox or an extra round of presentation rehearsal under their belts, ready to tackle the day’s biggest challenges.

What prevents travelers from having a productive commute?

It may be convenient to review a presentation or make a call from the back of a vehicle, but it’s no substitute for a desk in a quiet office. A loud radio playing in the background and feeling confined or cramped in the back seat with limited legroom could derail your traveler’s plans to be productive on the ride. For travelers who prefer to work while on the road, this interruption can be a frustrating dent in their day.

Now, with Uber Comfort, travelers can fine-tune the options that will support their back-seat goals, at a price that won’t break the bank.

Comfort within reach: introducing Uber Comfort

Uber’s newest rideshare offering can help support business travelers’ on-the-go work goals by allowing them to request a ride that’s well suited for being productive on the road, even giving them the option to select their conversation and temperature preferences directly in the Uber app.

Vehicles offered with Uber Comfort meet consistent make and model standards, and drivers must maintain a minimum star rating requirement. These vehicle options are also newer and must meet legroom minimums, so travelers know the arriving vehicle supports leg-stretching—and laptop-opening.

Travelers can notify the driver in advance if they need peace and quiet—perfect for phone calls, tasks that need concentration, or just a little time to relax. Plus, Uber Comfort trips come with a 10-minute, penalty-free cancellation window,* so travelers can make adjustments on the fly if they’re running overtime.

Why Uber Comfort?

Uber Comfort isn’t just a practical option for mobile work. It can be seamlessly integrated into your travelers’ everyday transportation options—with travelers requesting, paying for, and expensing an Uber Comfort trip just as they would any other service. The back office uses the same set of tools to organize trips, forecast travel costs, and set parameters on who can request this ride type, and when.

Uber Comfort offers a travel perk without springing for luxe. As a new step-up service tier, Uber Comfort supports a little something extra you can offer as a thank you to your travelers, while reserving luxury service through Uber Black for the C-suite and other special occasions. 

Importantly, the ride to and from work, a meeting, or an event sets the tone for a good day. Investing in a pleasant traveling experience—whether it’s the right temperature, a little extra legroom, or peace and quiet requested through the Uber app—ensures that your travelers get the extra perks they deserve for their hard work.

Summing up

Whether your travelers take advantage of travel time to get work done from the back seat or just want to stretch their legs, Uber Comfort rides offer a more pleasant journey. Travelers can request their ideal conversation and temperature preferences right from the app, using Uber for Business tools to request, pay for, and expense their ride. Every car through Uber Comfort is held to a high standard, with a fleet of newer makes and models, highly rated drivers, and back-seat size minimums. A little bit of extra space goes a long way for your travelers, both professionally and personally, and Uber Comfort makes it simple to provide.

*Except for airport pickups, riders using Uber Comfort will have 10 minutes before they can be charged for a driver-initiated cancellation fee.** Riders will pay higher per-minute wait time fees and higher cancellation fees on Uber Comfort than UberX when a driver needs to cancel. 

**On airport properties, Uber Comfort riders will be charged a per-minute waiting fee after 2 minutes and may be charged a driver-initiated cancellation fee if they do not arrive at the vehicle within 5 minutes after the Uber Comfort driver-partner arrives.