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More ways to delight your customers

November 5, 2019 / Global

We’re excited to unveil more ways to elevate the customer experience by streamlining the ordering process with Uber Central and offering more flexibility to quickly distribute rides with Uber Vouchers.

Keeping convenience at the core, we’ve redesigned Uber Central and optimized Uber Vouchers to significantly speed up the process of coordinating courtesy rides for customers and guests, especially for companies in the automotive space. 

What’s new with Uber Central?

With new features such as one-click return trips and reordering, businesses are able to service their customer needs and get them on the road to where they’d like to be, faster. Uber Central now also works seamlessly across devices, making it easier to arrange rides on the go using a mobile phone or iPad.

Uber Central, guest services platform

A redesign that works harder for you

The improved Uber Central dashboard makes ordering, tracking, and managing customer rides simple and efficient. We’ve improved the dashboard’s organization by separating Today’s rides, Future rides, Drafts, and Past rides, helping you focus on in-the-moment matters. Easily switch between views within Today’s rides to manage the day’s rides, with customers awaiting pickup, rides in progress, completed rides, and upcoming rides all visible on one screen. 

Mobile Uber Central: arrange your rides on the go

Now you can meet your customers’ needs where they are. Serve your customers from behind a desk or on the move with a powerful and intuitive Central experience that is compatible with desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Uber Central mobile preview

Scheduled rides: a brand-new way to arrange rides   

Introducing Scheduled rides, a feature that allows you to tailor rides to your customers’ needs. If you’d like to arrange a ride for your guest in advance, Scheduled rides allow you to set up a ride for a specific time and date in the future. Your customer will get the ride details, including when their driver is on the way, via text message.

Smart pickups and driver notes

We know pickups can be challenging, especially if you are located in a larger building or campus sharing a street address. That’s why we’ve introduced smart pickups, which leverages the same technology used at the airport to show the exact door number and location.

When you want to offer even more seamless pickups, better connect guests to drivers with additional details about pickups, letting drivers know your customer’s location along with any special needs the rider may have. 

Tip your driver, book return rides, and request support in one click

On any completed ride, easily rebook the same trip or book a return trip with one click. You can also tip your driver for exceptional service or use the Report lost item feature to recover items left behind by your customers.

“Customers prefer rides with Uber to receiving a loaner vehicle because it is quicker and easier, with no liability or stress. Since launching Uber Central in several of our dealerships, I can’t even imagine having to switch back to just a shuttle service! It comes down to ease of use and customer satisfaction.”

Dan Johnson, Vice President, Fixed Operations 
Larry H. Miller Dealerships

What’s new with Uber Vouchers

The newly enhanced Uber Vouchers lets companies put more convenience of Uber directly into their customers’ hands.

Uber Vouchers mobile redemption

With the new updates, you can more easily stay within a specific budget by setting policies in advance, then using them to distribute complimentary rides quickly and easily. 

These policies offer improved controls for specific locations, time durations, and dollar amount so you can tailor your transportation benefits to each of your customer segments with one easy step. All the while, you’re ensuring that your brand is visible to the customer in the Uber app, reminding them of the benefit you’re providing.

How do I get started?

New to Central or Vouchers? Follow the easy steps to get started with an Uber Central or Uber Vouchers account, and let us move your guests from one great experience to the next.