Uber for Business

Giving travelers the executive treatment

July 29, 2019 / US

Transportation sets the tone for a great meeting, a successful presentation, or just another productive day at the office. A smooth, pleasant, and frictionless ride may help reduce stress and ensure that any venture starts off on the right foot. Without the worry of mass transit delays or running to catch transfers, travelers can arrive stress-free and in style.

Transportation doesn’t just serve a practical purpose—it’s part of the traveler’s experience with your company. A ride in a luxury vehicle, driven by a professional driver, demonstrates to special guests and the C-suite that their needs are put first and foremost. That gold-standard treatment shows that you’ve paid attention to detail, elevating your profile while your traveler sits back and enjoys the ride.

For those occasions when an extra touch is necessary, travelers now have more than just the black car option. The relaunch of Uber Black puts the black car experience in the hands of the traveler, allowing for on-demand service and unprecedented customization. In this post, we’ll review what travelers can expect from Uber Black and discuss practical ways to incorporate Uber Black into your business.

The backseat executive class
Uber Black travelers can craft their luxury transport experience directly from the Uber app. Travelers can expect premium vehicles with professional drivers who carry stellar ratings. They can select from numerous customization options, whether it’s a certain interior temperature, luggage assistance, or a quiet ride. 

Uber Black trips offer a comfortable travel experience for the C-suite executives, clients, and other special guests conducting business with your company. Within the existing suite of Uber for Business tools, you can easily schedule, track, and expense Uber Black trips for your travelers, employees, and guests alike—even those without an Uber account.

Uber Black for business
Travel managers who use Uber for Business get the option to offer Uber Black trips to their valued colleagues and guests. All Uber Black trips can be tracked and expensed just like UberX and Uber Pool, maintaining full visibility into exactly how much is being spent on which trips. Consider these three ways to start incorporating Uber Black into your travel policy:

  • Request an Uber Black trip for a distinguished guest. Whether an important client has just landed at the airport or a shareholder needs to attend a quarterly meeting in style, Uber Black trips can be requested and dispatched through Uber Central without your traveler ever opening the app. Your guest will receive a text message or alert with ride details, even if they don’t have a smartphone.
  • Allow travelers to customize their ride. Uber Black puts choice in the hands of the travelers, who can request a specific temperature setting, noise level, and baggage help without picking up the phone or asking an office administrator to complete the task.
  • Make reservations for any Uber Black traveler. Using Uber Central, office administrators can coordinate, schedule, and adjust any ride for any Uber Black travelers. Schedule rides up to 30 days in advance, a valuable time-saving tool for busy offices.

Summing up Uber Black trips offer a distinguished way to travel. When combined with Uber for Business tools, Uber Black becomes a simple and powerful way to give travelers the executive treatment without burdening the back office with additional tasks. All your travelers need to do is sit back and relax. Uber Black has taken care of the rest.