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Streamlining transportation and delivery for the modern commercial real estate industry with CBRE

September 3, 2020 / US

For years the commercial real estate industry favored one key factor when considering investment potential: location. But with remote work surging around the world, commercial real estate companies are reimagining the tenant experience and exploring partnerships with innovative companies in order to set themselves apart. 

Mobility has proven to be an emerging opportunity in the property-solutions space. As tenants and office workers face changing workforce demands, evolving transportation preferences and new delivery options, some commercial real estate companies are meeting these needs with innovative property solutions to attract and retain tenants, while also solving transportation challenges in urban areas. 

Today, CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate services company, announced that its workplace experience offering, CBRE Host, will strategically partner with Uber for Business and will utilize its dashboard to streamline ground transportation and meal delivery to enhance the tenant experience at select CBRE-owned properties. The CBRE team zeroed in on solutions from Uber for Business that would allow CBRE to access efficient and cost-effective options for tenant and guest transportation. This strategic-enterprise partnership unlocks access to the Uber for Business platform for CBRE Global Investor-owned office buildings in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Dallas, Pasadena, and Anaheim, along with select corporate-client office locations.

As this first-of-its-kind partnership rolls out, CBRE Host tenants and clients will enjoy access to a suite of innovative and flexible transportation and food-delivery solutions, thereby helping to strengthen existing amenities while increasing tenant loyalty and retention. The Uber for Business dashboard includes features that can be used to customize smarter curbside pick-up and delivery locations. Additionally, CBRE Host will offer increased access to ride promotions and other Uber for Business services to help guests and clients simplify their daily commutes and work-related travel while reducing the need for excess parking infrastructure. And with access to the Uber for Business dashboard, Uber Central, CBRE Host’s hospitality team can easily request rides to specified locations for guests, as well as schedule pickups and dropoffs.  

“Our goal is to facilitate a seamless workplace experience, which now includes making it easier and more efficient to get to and from the office. By partnering with Uber for Business, we deepen the amenities we’re able to offer to our clients in new and interesting ways—including more effective drop-off and pick-up locations, ride promotions, and easy bundling of Uber for Business’ other products, such as Uber Eats.

Alex Andel, Executive Managing Director

Through our partnership, Uber for Business and CBRE will not only optimize properties with increased commute and food-delivery options, but also facilitate new solutions and leverage insights from these offerings to make data-driven decisions that help create better workplace environments.

Beyond serving CBRE’s tenants and customers, Uber for Business and CBRE are excited to continue to work together to better serve cities and address widespread transportation challenges like last-mile commutes and congestion. The two companies share a joint vision of better connecting cities, the businesses within them, and the customers they serve. 

We’re on a mission to move the business world forward. With the power of Uber, we can make this possible by enabling organizations to create value for their employees, customers, and guests.

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