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Uber for Business expands to include government clients with new GSA contract

November 25, 2020 / US

Uber for Business was built so that organizations all over the world could tap into the power of Uber’s innovative rides, meals, and delivery solutions. So far, we’ve brought the magic of Uber to over 150,000 organizations to improve operations, while supporting and delighting customers and employees along the way.

Today, Uber for Business takes this one step further, officially announcing the expansion of its customer base to include the federal government. Through a contract with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) – the federal government’s contracting arm – and the creation of a government-focused team, Uber for Business will begin to help government agencies to transport federal employees at scale.

The five-year blanket purchase agreement was awarded by the GSA to Uber in April. As Uber rides are frequently expensed for government-related purposes, Uber for Business recognized an opportunity to work with the government to ensure efficiency through multiple billing options, centralized invoicing, and automated compliance and reconciliation. Uber for Business’ customized solutions will provide government administrators with full visibility and control into reporting, and provide employees with a reliable and convenient ride-option that does not require manual tasks like expensing. These solutions provide a unique opportunity for the GSA to modernize federal travel and simplify the expensing and reporting processes, which are required by the Modernizing Government Travel Act. 

This news comes on the heels of significant growth and momentum for Uber for Business. Since the onset of COVID-19, the team has rolled out new commuting products for employers, seen sky-rocketing interest in Uber Eats, and launched new delivery services that connect people with the goods and prescriptions they need quickly and efficiently. Uber for Business’ expansion into government provides the business with yet another opportunity to help a critical audience – U.S. federal agencies and their employees.

“In the face of 2020’s unique challenges, Uber for Business has enabled leaders across industries to run their organizations efficiently, while delighting employees,” says Ronnie Gurion, Global Head of Uber for Business. “The reason we’re able to help so many businesses across such a vast range of industries comes down to the sheer versatility of our platform: Uber for Business brings the best of Uber’s innovations and solutions to the world’s organizations at scale. The expansion of our customer base to include the government is a natural next step for us, and we’re proud to help federal agencies tackle some of the biggest administrative challenges they face.” 

This agreement with the GSA and the move into government clientele showcases the platform’s versatility, diversification, and continued growth. Ultimately, the agreement will allow Uber for Business to not only potentially transport millions of federal workers, but also provide further opportunities for Uber for Business to work with additional government agencies in the U.S. and across the globe.