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Top companies give Uber Eats credit to stay connected with customers and employees

August 14, 2020 / US

As companies around the world continue to prove how nimble and resilient they can be when faced with unanticipated challenges, the desire to stay connected with employees, customers, and guests is stronger than ever. The question for many during this unprecedented time is how? At Uber for Business, we’ve been impressed with how innovative our customers have been in finding new ways to foster employee engagement and customer loyalty with Coca-Cola, the Golden State Warriors, and Shopify leading the way.

Whether it helps with setting up a virtual lunch and learn, celebrating an employee’s birthday, or rewarding a sales team for a strong quarter, meals ordered on Uber Eats have proven to be a welcome surprise. 

Uber for Business helps our customers keep their teams productive and clients engaged with an enterprise platform for managing rides and meal delivery. Here are some of our favorite examples of innovative programs our customers have recently created using Uber for Business’s corporate meal programs, vouchers, and gift cards.

The Coca-Cola Company: Boosting team morale

When health concerns escalated this spring, the need to keep grocery store shelves stocked became more vital and apparent than ever. The Coca-Cola Company asked the majority of their office-based workers to work remotely. In recognition of their teams’ adjustments and role in continuing to make the beverages that communities need, the company wanted to show their employees, especially frontline workers, how much they appreciated all their hard work. The idea of giving gift cards for Uber Eats came up, and they realized it would have the added benefit of supporting restaurants and local economies during this difficult time.

“Through our partnership with Uber Eats, not only were we able to provide $100 gift cards to employees at Coca-Cola North America, but we were also able to inject some fuel into the economy and both the meal delivery and restaurant industries. The response from Coca-Cola employees and partners was overwhelming.”

Brian Sappington, Chief Digital Integration Officer,
Coca-Cola North America

Golden State Warriors: Staying connected with fans and partners

In March, the Warriors’ 2019-2020 season was suddenly put on hold along with the rest of the NBA. Given this abrupt change, the organization needed a way to thoughtfully reach out to season ticket holders and corporate partners in the weeks that followed. They worked with Uber to provide Uber Eats gift cards that were sent with a tailored email from their primary Warriors contact.

“With the rapid evolution of COVID-19 resulting in an unprecedented NBA hiatus, we have been working to stay connected with our loyal members and partners. Sending Uber gift cards was the perfect solution, and we’re thrilled to see how well they’ve been received.”

Brandon Schneider, Chief Revenue Officer
Golden State Warriors

The program was such a success that some of the corporate partner recipients contacted Uber to see how they could replicate it.

Shopify: Surprising customers and job candidates

A leading global commerce company that provides tools to launch and manage a retail business of any size, Shopify usually hosts its Reunite conference in person each spring. This year it had to move the event online and needed a novel way to engage virtual attendees. The company realized Uber for Business offered a great solution.

“Our networking group is about bringing women together to connect, inspire, and have a safe space to enjoy a drink and conversation,” says Deb Hopkins, the founder of Causeway 305, a Shopify partner, who hosted the affiliated Women in Shopify event. “Providing Uber Vouchers to use on Uber Eats at our last event was a fantastic complement to the experience and a nice surprise for the women who attended. The vouchers were easy to administer, and we were up and running with them the same day.”

Shopify also had to move its job interviews online and decided to provide candidates with an Uber Eats credit as well.

“At Shopify, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide an excellent candidate experience across the globe. Without Uber for Business, we wouldn’t have been able to elevate that experience when we moved to our digital-by-default approach. It was quick and easy to set up, and our candidates love the thought and care that a meal shows. It offers them a sweet treat for a stressful time.”

Calvin McKee, Executive Recruitment Coordinator,

Uber for Business: Multiple ways to offer corporate meal programs

Recently we expanded the ways organizations can provide meals to their clients, guests, or employees. They include:

  • Corporate meal solution: This platform gives companies the ability to manage meals for both employees and customers. It features a business dashboard that takes the hassle out of managing billing and tracking spending. Employees can manage their orders through a business profile on the Uber Eats app or website.
  • Vouchers for Uber Eats: Uber Vouchers help provide more flexibility and versatility in the way companies offer meals. Vouchers are easy to create, and the links are sent to guests, clients, or employees for redemption. Companies can configure the rules and policy controls, including a maximum value and redemption time limits, and only pay for the amount recipients spend. 
  • Gift cards for Uber Eats: Available as digital codes or physical cards, gift cards convert to Uber Cash upon redemption and can be used on Uber Eats or for rides. Uber for Business can tailor custom gift card email campaigns for a business of any size. Gift cards are a popular solution for one-time or recurring campaigns that need to be executed quickly.

If you’re debating which option makes the most sense for your company’s needs, please connect with us at