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Texas Rideshare Regulations

May 4, 2017 / Texas

Moving Texas

Uber first came to Texas in 2012. Since then, we’ve been proud to expand access to reliable transportation options across the Lone Star State.

Serving and celebrating cities is at the very core of our mission to make transportation reliable and affordable everywhere, for everyone. Investing in and regularly improving our technology is a big part of making that happen, but Uber isn’t Uber without the amazing drivers who make ridesharing a reality in our communities. Thank you for partnering with us, and for all that you do to make your city a safer, better place to live. 

We’ll keep listening to your feedback and working to improve the driving experience. The best is yet to come.

State-wide regulations

In 2017, Governor Abbott signed a bill that creates a single set of modern ridesharing rules throughout Texas. 

This means that the rules for companies like Uber and for drivers who partner with ridesharing companies are now the same across Texas. As a result, drivers will be able to accept trip requests anywhere Uber is available in Texas without worrying about varying city-to-city requirements.

With these regulations, you can expect to see

Clear and consistent ridesharing rules throughout the entire state. Key elements of the bill include:

  • Safety: Mandatory criminal background screenings and driving history checks for all drivers
  • Consumer Protection: A zero-tolerance policy for driver intoxication
  • Non-Discrimination: It is illegal for drivers to discriminate against riders based on destination, location, race, color, national origin, religious beliefs, sex, disability, or age. You can find Uber’s full non-discrimination policy here.
  • Accessibility: Accommodation for service animals is required, and charging extra because of a passenger’s disability is prohibited. As part of Uber’s commitment to accessibility, we will also be piloting UberAccess in multiple cities to connect riders in need of wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Rideshare Bill FAQ 

I’m already an active driver, what’s changing for me?

If you’re an active driver in Texas, you can now open your app and accept trips in any Texas cities where Uber operates. You no longer need to pay extra fees for city-specific permits or licenses. Please note, however, that airport and port rules and regulations still vary by city.

Where can I drive in Texas?

If you are an active driver in Texas, you’re able to turn on your app and accept trips in any of the Texas cities where Uber operates. View a list of Texas cities here.

What about airports?

The statewide ridesharing rules do not affect airports. If you pick up at an airport that requires a permit today, this bill does not change that. If any airports choose to change their permitting rules, we’ll follow up with affected driver-partners to provide more information.

Will you be launching in new cities?

We are working hard to bring Uber to more cities across Texas in the coming months. We will be sure to let drivers and riders know as soon as we have a timeline for specific cities.

What does this mean for UberBLACK?

These statewide ridesharing regulations do not affect UberBLACK partners. If your city currently requires a permit to operate as a limo company or qualify to be an UberBLACK partner, these rules do not change that.  

Here for the long haul

We’d like to thank to Governor Abbott, Representative Chris Paddie, Senator Charles Schwertner, and a bipartisan group of legislators from across Texas for leading the charge in support of a modern, statewide framework for ridesharing. Due to their efforts and the strong support of drivers and riders across the state, Uber is here to stay in Texas! 

Stay tuned for announcements about new city launches and other exciting news in the months to come.