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Uber Unable to Operate in San Antonio after April 1

March 31, 2015 / San Antonio

Uber arrived in San Antonio in March of last year, just in time to provide safe rides for Fiesta. Since then, we’ve connected hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors to a safe, reliable ride and given thousands of drivers the opportunity to make a great living.

But when we launched last March, we never anticipated we’d spend our one year anniversary unable to operate in the Alamo City.

Dozens of business leaders and more than 13,000 riders and drivers in San Antonio have urged the city to support ridesharing. Despite this, city officials have created a regulatory climate that makes it impossible for us to meet the high standard of service that riders from over 170 cities across the U.S. have come to expect. By adopting these rules, San Antonio officials have eliminated thousands of jobs and a safe transportation alternative from their city.

Make no mistake, we are not giving up on San Antonio, and will work hard to bring Uber back.

Make your voice heard — help us #BringBackUberSA!