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Rybbon taps Uber for Business to enhance digital rewards platform

July 12, 2021 / US

As the business world recovers, executives and company leads have had to rethink the ways in which they can deliver value to their teams and customers. Whether that’s assisting with meals and groceries, or providing transportation to and from the office, it’s never been more critical for companies to holistically support their customers and employees—regardless of where they’re living and working. 

Meeting this demand, Rybbon, a digital rewards platform, announced today an API integration with Uber for Business, enabling Rybbon to offer Uber gift cards to marketers at scale. This integration will seamlessly enhance Rybbon’s already extensive catalog of e-gifts—with increased efficiencies, automated cost tracking, and integration into existing workflows. More broadly, this integration gives Rybbon customers the ability to enhance both virtual and in-person experiences—whether that’s ordering lunch during a training session or providing rides to busy sales teams, the options are endless. 

“As markets begin to stabilize and the workforce starts to return to in-person or hybrid work environments we’re seeing businesses lean more on virtual initiatives to boost engagement,” said Jignesh Shah, CEO of Rybbon. “We worked closely with the Uber for Business development team to create an instinctual experience for our marketers. This offering was immediately successful—the option of providing e-gifts for rides and meals really hit home with our clients—creating tangible touchpoints that drive productivity and boost morale.” 

The integration enables Rybbon to:

  • Enhance campaign flexibility and customization options
  • Distribute gift cards in multiple currencies, making them perfect for global participation
  • Quickly create new campaigns and add new recipients to existing campaigns

Rybbon’s digital rewards platform integrates with Hubspot, SurveyMonkey, and Qualtrics, among others, offering marketers a turnkey solution for lead-generation campaigns, referral marketing programs, lunch and learns, webinars, and many other marketing automation programs. Maintaining customer satisfaction is constantly top of mind for marketers—this integration with Rybbon and Uber for Business makes it easier for companies of any size to boost customer loyalty at scale.

“I love being able to offer our online community non-traditional incentives that solve a real need in their daily lives. Uber and Uber Eats have always been top reward choices for us because we know our audience is: 1) always on the go and 2) loves to treat themselves to good food,” said Lynzie Riebling, VP of Audience Insights & Strategy at REVOLT, a current Rybbon customer. “It’s not uncommon for me to shoot out an SMS alert to our community that says: “We’re treating 10 of you to lunch on us for completing today’s chat!”. And, when we do in-person events, we often incentivize attendees with free rides to and from the venue with Uber! It’s a win-win for everyone.”

“With an API integration into Uber for Business’s innovative platform, Rybbon is able to provide UberEats gift cards that are needed during this time of transition. Sales people are getting back on the road, marketers are ramping up their outreach, and in-person events are coming back; businesses now more than ever need to offer incentives that truly make an impact,” said Shah. “Uber for Business has been a fantastic partner throughout the onboarding process, and we are excited to continue offering their products in the future.”

Uber for Business is excited to deepen our work with Rybbon, as we continue to uncover innovative ways to provide digital rewards to enhance the customer experience anywhere. 

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