Your TAXI is Arriving Now

May 4, 2016 / Portland

In the past year, we’ve moved millions of riders across Portland through options such as uberX, uberXL, uberPEDAL, and UberSELECT. A few months ago, we added TAXI and TAXI WAV to our platform through a partnership with Green Cab that brought greater choice and accessibility to Portlanders. Today, we’re proud to announce two new local companies have joined the UberTAXI platform, Portland Taxi Cab Company and New Rose City Cab Company We’re working everyday to improve the way that everyone gets from A to B. These collaborations mean more transportation choices for Portlanders that support everyone’s ability to easily move around PDX.

“We’re excited to join forces with Uber to expand opportunity for Green Cab drivers and build upon our shared commitment to offer more transportation choices for Portlanders, including riders with disabilities.” — Tesfaye Aleme, Green Cab

“As one of Portland’s oldest tax cab companies we are excited to enter a new era as partners with Uber. This new partnership with UberTAXI continues our history of staying on the cutting edge of serving our customers.” — Andrey Berezhinkskiy, Portland Taxi Cab Company
“New Rose City cab and Uber are committed to providing affordable, accessible rides to Portlanders in every neighborhood. As a proud African American owned local family business we are excited to partner with Uber to serve all of Portland.”
— Teal Abel, New Rose City Cab Company.


TAXI and TAXI WAV – like all services on the Uber platform – are completely cashless, enabling riders to book and pay directly through the Uber app.

TAXI can seat up to four passengers. To request a ride, slide over to the TAXI option in-app.


TAXI WAV can seat up to 3 passengers and 1 wheelchair accessible passenger, and can take oversized luggage. To request a ride, tap TAXI WAV under our ACCESS option in the app.

TAXI is another way of using technology to offer more choice, making life simpler, and keeping Portland moving. We can’t thank you enough for being an Uber rider and supporter. We’re excited to bring more innovation to one of Portland’s most iconic industries and look forward to the ride ahead.