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Upfront fares: no math, no surprises

October 6, 2016 / New York City

We’re rolling out upfront fares in New York City. Enter your destination and get the actual trip fare before you request a ride. No surprises or complicated math—you decide what’s best for you and your budget.

How to request

  1. Open your Uber app and select your preferred ride option on the slider at the bottom of your screen
  2. Set your pickup and drop-off locations. You’ll see a guaranteed fare displayed in the app.
  3. Request and ride—your receipt will reflect your upfront fare

Frequently asked questions

What about surge pricing—will I be alerted during periods of high demand?
There will be a message above your request options letting you know when fares are elevated.

Will I ever be charged an amount other than my upfront fare?
On rare occasions, you will be charged for wait time. Wait time charges are incurred after 2 minutes of the driver arriving at your location, so be ready to go when you request Wait time will be added on top of your upfront fare, and will appear as a line item on your receipt.

If your pickup or drop off locations change, your trip may revert to standard time and distance pricing.

What if I need to change my destination?
You can easily change your destination in the Uber app. When you update your destination after you’ve requested, your fare may revert to time and distance pricing.

Will additional passengers affect my upfront fare?
When you’re riding uberPOOL with 2 passengers, you’ll be charged an additional rider fee on top of your upfront fare. This fee will be reflected in your upfront fare.

Have fare calculations actually changed?
No. Upfront fares take into account all the factors that typically affect the price of a trip, including the expected time, distance, and traffic, as well as how many other riders are requesting rides and how many drivers are nearby. The only change is that we’re now displaying it for you upfront—no math, no surprises.