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Ride in Manhattan for $10 or less

July 10, 2015 / New York City

From the Seaport to Central Park, for a limited time, take advantage of uberPOOL flat rates in Manhattan below 96th Street. Regardless of whether you’re matched with another rider or not, your ride will cost $10 max.

Whether you’re headed up, down, or cross-town, uberPOOL is the cheapest way to share your ride and help reduce congestion in our city.


  1. Select the uberPOOL option at the bottom of your app screen
  2. Enter your destination and request! Remember, your trip must originate and take place in Manhattan below 96th Street.
  3. You may be matched with another rider going the same way
  4. Regardless of whether you’re matched with another rider or not,  your trip will only cost up to $10


  • This promotion is only valid on uberPOOL trips requested and taken within Manhattan (below 96th Street)
  • Match or no match, your fare will only be up to $10
  • Trips that cost less than the $10 regular uberX fare will be charged as normal
  • This offer is valid now through August 31


With uberPOOL, our carpool option, riders traveling a similar route are able to share a ride—and share the cost. Riding uberPOOL guarantees you a cheaper fare, and only adds a few minutes to your trip.

Learn more about uberPOOL, including pricing and how it works, here.