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10 Facts About uberPOOL in NYC

September 17, 2015 / New York City

uberPOOL first arrived in New York in December of 2014. Ever since, the innovative carpool feature has continued to grow and evolve as more and more New Yorkers choose to share their rides.

Here’s a snapshot of where we are today:

  1. Since uberPOOL’s launch, New Yorkers have taken 1.5 million trips using the carpool feature.
  2. Every month since launch, the number of uberPOOL trips has increased by an average of 28%.
  3. In the month of August, when $10 flat rates were available in Manhattan, uberPOOL riders in NYC saved over $1,000,000.NYC_uberPOOL_1MM_digital_r1-NYC_uberPOOL_1MM_blog_960x540_r1
  4. Last week, after flat rates ended, uberPOOL riders saved over $250,000—staying on track to save another $1,000,000 in the month of September.
  5. uberPOOL is the fastest growing Uber product in NYC history—surpassing UberBLACK and uberX.
  6. uberPOOL is always 25% cheaper than uberX.
  7. Unlike UberBLACK and uberX, uberPOOL fares are guaranteed. Fares are quoted in the app before you request, so you always know exactly what you’ll pay.
  8. 75% of all New York uberPOOL trips happen during nights and weekends.
  9. 55% of all New York uberPOOL trips begin or end in the outer boroughs.
  10. uberPOOL is currently available in San Francisco, New York, Paris, Boston, Los Angeles, and Austin—and that list will only continue to grow.