Hometown ghost stories from New Orleans

October 11, 2017 / New Orleans

New Orleans is notoriously haunted. So it’s no surprise that when we reached out to riders and driver-partners from across the US for their spookiest paranormal stories, New Orleans submissions topped the list. From personal experiences with Madame LaLaurie to freaking out over ‘ghostly’ vermin, these stories are bound to get you in the spirit.

Read on (if you dare)


When I was a DJ at a club on Bourbon Street, we were pretty slow one night so it was easy to see individuals on the dance floor. I looked out and noticed a man in a black suit standing at the far corner of the room. He stuck out because of the way he was dressed, but I didn’t give it much thought. A few seconds later, other people were headed to the same corner and suddenly stopped and went to another area to dance. Not knowing why they detoured, I again thought nothing of it. Later I saw the same people at the bar so I asked them about it. They said it felt cold and uncomfortable so they decided to relocate. The man was seen a few more times with the same reaction from patrons.


Once upon a time, there was a girl who moved to New Orleans with her loving boyfriend. Her boyfriend got a job on a cruise ship and had to leave. Then the girl started hearing scary noises coming from the closet. So, in true New Orleans fashion, she bought incense and Palo Santo to drive out the spirit. However, it turns out that mice and roaches living in your walls do not care about potent incense.


Marie Laveau is a well-known voodoo priestess in New Orleans. One time a friend came to visit me and we went on a tour of the tomb. It started at 10pm and it was very dark and eerie in the cemetery. We laughed about bringing ghosts back with us on the way to my friend’s hotel. The next morning we both had a spooky experience to tell. He said he was awakened in the night feeling like someone was sitting heavily on his chest and holding him down. Eventually, the feeling left but he was frightened and had heard footsteps on the old wooden balcony outside his door at the hotel. I also had a ghost story that same night. I had a very lucid dream of a man with bright green eyes and long dark hair lying next to me. He had a long-sleeved white shirt on with ruffled cuffs. He was trying to talk to me. I was completely awake when I heard the tv in the kitchen come on by itself. It continued to do that for months. Let’s just say my friend never came back to visit.


My ex-wife is Native American. For as long as she could remember, spirits have followed her wherever she is. On this particular night, we were lying in bed falling asleep and I set out my digital recorder to see what would happen. After about 11 minutes of listening to the floor fan and my snoring, the recording went silent and then made an electronic noise and a voice said “Hi”.  In addition to that, we’ve had numerous stories of activities in the apartment like doors randomly opening and feeling someone sitting next to you in the bed. It’s been like that for years.


Being a recent tour guide in the city of New Orleans, there’s always a story to tell. I will never forget the time I saw Madame LaLaurie. While giving a haunted history tour one night in the month of December I came upon 810 Royal Street, the home where Madame LaLaurie once lived. The story of Madame LaLaurie would make anyone’s flesh crawl. Madame LaLaurie is notorious for the horrendous things she did in the past. While telling the tourists the spooky (yet true) story about her, something began to happen. The lantern at the front door began to click off and on. We all heard screams coming from inside the house and a shadow of a woman dressed in 1800s clothing was seen upstairs. This isn’t the first time people have experienced these types of things at 810 Royal Street. People believe the cries are tortured spirits and the shadow was Madame LaLaurie overlooking the French Quarter.

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