5 Irish things to try this St. Patrick’s Day

March 14, 2018 / New England

You don’t need to be Irish to enjoy St. Paddy’s Day. Check out these 5 ways to celebrate the holiday.

 Listen to Irish music

You could go the traditional route and enjoy an Irish reel or ballad, or take a more modern approach and check out what they’re jamming to in Ireland right now. So, politely ask your Uber driver-partner for an auxiliary cord and cue up one of these playlists.


Have an Irish drink

From Irish Breakfast tea to whiskey and green beer (although that last one is not Irish), you have a lot of options. Some of the more traditional drinks are the Black N Black (stout with blackcurrant), Baby Guinness (Kahlua and Baileys), and Irish Coffee. Give one a try if you head out to an Irish bar or restaurant to celebrate.


Taste some authentic Irish food

A few of our favorite Irish dishes are Shepherd’s Pie, Irish stew, coddle (sausage, bacon, and potato), and boxty (potato pancakes). Check out an easy boxty recipe here.


Try Céilí dancing

Ceili dancing is a traditional Irish dance that is danced to reels or jigs. Don’t know what any of that means? Check out some Youtube video tutorials. 


Celebrate locally

Many cities and towns across the US hold St. Paddy’s Day celebrations. Not sure where to look? Check your town’s chamber of commerce website for Irish events and happenings.

No matter where or how you’re celebrating, avoiding driving by riding with Uber is always just a few taps away.