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Navy Region Southwest

March 20, 2020 / US

Navy Region Southwest (NRSW) allows eligible drivers to make pickups and dropoffs at their naval bases in San Diego. Learn how you can start accessing the bases to cash in on the action.

NRSW requirements for drivers

In order to drive at Naval Base Point Loma, Naval Base San Diego, and Naval Base Coronado, drivers must complete NRSW’s background check procedure:

1. Fill out the required SECNAV form.
2. Send your completed SECNAV form directly to NRSW by emailing it to
3. Visit the NRSW Pass and Decal Center to be fingerprinted and complete the process. Please note that wait times at the center may be an hour or longer. NRSW will issue each driver a pass upon completion of the process.
4. Upload your DBIDS (Defense Biometric Identification System) card to your Uber Driver app. Please do not submit any military IDs.

Drivers can fill out the SECNAV form and complete steps 1-3 by visiting the NRSW Pass and Decal Center Monday to Friday, 5:30am — 3:00pm.

Naval Base San Diego Pass and Decal Center
3101 Harbor Dr
San Diego, CA 92136

NRSW requires base access to be renewed annually through this procedure. For the most up-to-date DBIDS information, please refer to NRSW. Uber does not collect any of the data that drivers provide to NRSW during NRSW’s background check and access approval process. Uber is not involved in NRSW’s decision whether or not to grant access to the base. If approved, NRSW will provide Uber with your name and phone number in order for Uber to turn on your access to NRSW in the app. NRSW reserves the right to revoke access as it deems necessary.

How pickups and dropoffs work at NRSW

Driver access to NRSW is granted only when actively requested by Navy personnel on base or when a rider with Navy access credentials has requested to be dropped off on base.

NRSW requires drivers to show their Uber Driver app and naval base access pass upon entry.

Frequently asked questions

  1. I already have a military/civilian ID, do I still need to go to the Pass and Decal Center?
    Yes, All drivers must go through the same process to get a DBIDS pass in order to pick up and drop off riders.
  2. Which bases do I have access to as someone who drives with the Uber app?
    Base Access includes Naval Base Point Loma, Naval Base Coronado, Silver Strand, Navy Hospital (Balboa Park), Submarine Base, and Naval Base San Diego.
  3. Will I be able to access Marine Corps bases with my DBIDS pass?
    At this point, DBIDS passes are valid at naval bases only but we are looking to expand in the future.
  4. How long does the process take? (See scenarios below)
    Scenario 1: SECNAV form filled out and sent to the Navy 24 to 48 hours prior to Pass and Decal Center visit: Plan to spend about 15 to 30 minutes receiving your Uber DBIDS pass.
    Scenario 2: SECNAV form filled out during visit to Pass and Decal Center: Plan to spend about 45 minutes to 2 hours receiving your Uber DBIDS pass.
  5. How do I know if my Uber account is set up to receive requests to and from base?
    All drivers with an active DBIDS commercial access card uploaded to their Uber Driver app will have access to the San Diego naval bases.
  6. How much does it cost to get a DBIDS card?
    The process is free for drivers with an active Uber Driver app.