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Navigating the year’s biggest events

April 2, 2019 / US

Large events can feel like a large headache. Massive crowds, confusing pickup locations, and dozens of other tricky situations can get between you and your riders.

With warmer weather around the corner, more festivals and concerts will be popping up in your city. And with many people using Uber to get to and from these events, you may find yourself receiving more trip requests. See some ways you can help lower your stress and keep the cash flowing. 


Information about where it’s busy

See real-time earning opportunities nearby. When you tap an opportunity, the app will provide optional navigation to the busy areas. 

Checking road information

Large events often change traffic patterns. The Driver app’s navigation will show you an up-to-date road map. In addition, avoiding pickups in restricted areas, being cautious when driving in an event area, and following standard traffic laws can help you safely navigate your pickups. 

Waking up sleepy riders

Long days, late nights, and heavy libations can often cause riders to nap during their trip. If your rider has nodded off and can’t get out of the car at dropoff, you can use these suggestions to wake them up. 

Checklist for large events

  • Confirming your rider's name
  • Checking the destination
  • Calling your rider if it's crowded
  • Being ready for groups

Large events can be difficult to navigate, but these ideas could help give you peace of mind—and potentially more earnings opportunities—during those busy times.