Double Trouble: Uber Takes Over the Twin Cities

October 25, 2012 | Minneapolis / St. Paul
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Some of the best offerings of the North Star State can be found in the Twin Cities and Uber wants a piece of it! Firstly, there’s the food. There’s the vibrant tech community that embraces innovation and makes companies like Uber possible. There’s the amazing local breweries that are quickly gaining national recognition, some of the most competitive high-school hockey in the nation, and four well-defined seasons that the West Coast barely knows exist. It’s a city full of people who embrace activities. Favorites include hitting up the bars Uptown, enjoying summer on the lakes or embracing the entirely underrated music scene. It’s cities like Minneapolis-St. Paul, with people on the move and living large, where Uber fits best!

Outsmart Jack Frost

As our love story with Minneapolis began (many of us from fairer climates), when we learned that one man’s version of “cold” is another man’s spring break. We’re not sure whether it’s courage, strength or fur you’re hiding underneath there, but Minneapolians are fierce!

Let’s be real though, there comes a point when there’s nothing pleasant about the mercury dropping 15 below. The skyways offer some protection between 9-5 (albeit sometimes confusing or resembling a springroll of people), but we’ve got a far simpler solution that lasts through the night. Whether leaving the bar or heading to First Ave, when it’s freezing cold, efficiency and reliability are serious matters…and also Uber’s specialty.

Minnesota TimberWild VikingTwins..or something like that 

The Twin Cities have five professional sports teams with all-star players that put other cities to shame. Vikings fever has taken the town by storm, the TWolves will be rocking the Target Center in no time, and once the NHL finishes whatever weird puberty they’re going through, the Minnesota Wild will no doubt dominate.

When game day arrives, you’ve gotta get your priorities straight: how you’re painting your face, who you’re tailgating with, what jersey to wear, and how much clothing you can layer over your body. How you’re getting to the stadium, who’s designated driver, should you leave early to get out of the parking garage first? Total afterthought. We’ve already seen Uber can cut out the pre and post-game nightmares of transportation.

My D.D. Wears A Suit

Minneapolis nightlife is nothing to laugh at. After a few cold ones, the last thing anyone should be worrying about is how they are getting home. You could try hailing a taxi, or with equal success try tracking down a real life viking. The quality of taxis has room to evolve, as knowledge of the city and quality of cars can be less than pleasant. It’s understandable why many elect to drive when faced with those options, but local authorities have been cracking down on DUI enforcement and we want to be sure you make it home safely.

So What Are You Waiting For?….Time To Get Your Uber On!

Uber is your safe, reliable, and enjoyable solution to transportation in the Twin Cities. How it works:

  • Just pop open your Uber app and within minutes a luxury vehicle will show up and have you on your way.
  • You’ll receive a notification when your vehicle is arriving, minimizing the time spent in the cold and maximizing your ability to move easily.
  • You step out of the car and get on your merry way (No broken credit card readers here — your card is on file for painless payment). No tip required. Your receipt is emailed to you instantly.

And this Saturday is the perfect time to flex your thumb with Uber for your Halloween festivities. Expect some scary good treats in your ride!

We’re excited to set foot in the Twin Cities and evolve how you get around this charming city! We appreciate the true ‘Minnesota Nice’ welcome we’ve received and are stoked to be a part of your tight-knit community. So, whether you grew up here, came back, or just landed at the airport, @Uber_MSP has gotcha covered!