Summerfest 2018: when the music stops, they don’t

June 21, 2018 / Milwaukee

For 51 years, music lovers near and far have been heading to Milwaukee to spend 11 days listening to their favorite bands. If you’re headed to Milwaukee for Summerfest, whether it’s the first concert or the encore, we’ve got you covered so you don’t miss a beat–check out the guide!

This year, we would like to thank all of the driver-partners who are there to help get you home safe after a night out. Meet some of the great Milwaukee driver-partners, who could pick you up or drop you off at Summerfest this year.

Surinder S., driving since 2014

Surrinder has been driving with Uber for 4 years and has taken over 24,750 trips to date! He appreciates the opportunity driving with Uber provides him with and is able to work independently and drive when it fits with his schedule.

He shared that when it comes to driving with Uber, he is able to provide a service that helps keep riders safe by being able to get them home after a night on the town. He explained that he treats riders like family and that he wants to take care of each rider and keep them safe. When he isn’t driving with Uber he enjoys going on vacations with his family and being able to spend time with his friends.

Debra R., driving since 2015

Debra has been driving with Uber for 3 years and appreciates the flexible earnings opportunity it provides while also giving her time to spend with her family. When it comes to summer in the Cream City, Debra looks forward to spending time with her loved ones at family reunions, enjoying the outdoors, gardening, bike riding, and attending music festivals like Summerfest. Debra shared with us that she believes driving with Uber helps keep everyone safe. She said people can feel at ease knowing they can depend on a safe ride after a night out on the town.

Andrew N., driving since 2015

Andrew has been driving for 3 years and enjoys being able to meet new people every day when he drives with Uber. He is known by Milwaukee locals for his repertoire of karaoke songs he keeps in his car to make rides more enjoyable and fun for his riders.

In addition to engaging riders with singalongs he’s also there to make sure riders can get a safe ride when they need it. When Andrew isn’t behind the wheel, he enjoys taking in all that Milwaukee has to offer, from days at the beach to nights at baseball games, as well as spending time with his family in Illinois and Nashville.

Janice B., driving since 2017

Janice is a mother of 4. She has been driving with Uber for 8 months and has loved her experience so far. She told us that driving with Uber has helped her to become more financially independent, including helping her earn money toward a brand-new car that she loves. Additionally, two of her favorite things about driving with Uber have been the number of people that she has been able to meet while driving around Milwaukee and most importantly - making sure her riders feel safe while they are out and about. When she’s relaxing during the summertime, she enjoys boating with her family and all the festivals that make Milwaukee come to life.

Steven B., driving since 2015

Steven has been driving with Uber for over 2 years. Steven told us that since driving with Uber he has changed his life for the better. He also shared that he struggled with social anxiety and that driving with Uber challenged him to build new social skills while also exploring Milwaukee.

Outside of driving with Uber, Steven certainly keeps himself busy. From creating video content for his web series to writing, he also finds time to enjoy Milwaukee summers when the city really comes alive. Driving during Summerfest is one of his favorite times where he can make a playlist of all the artists in the lineup for riders to enjoy while singing along with festivalgoers who are just coming off the adrenaline of that evening’s performances.

Marc N., driving since 2015

Marc has been driving with Uber for almost 3 years. When asked what he likes most about driving with Uber, he mentioned that he enjoys the freedom Uber gives him to drive when he wants to while also meeting different people every day. When he’s not meeting new people with Uber, Marc spends his summers outside jetskiing, walking, biking, or really anything that allows him to be near the water.

Shavon W., driving since 2016

Shavon has been driving with Uber for almost 2 years and enjoys the flexibility that Uber allows so she can drive when it fits in her weekly schedule. When Shavon isn’t driving with Uber, she’s working on her career as a beauty consultant. She told us she loves helping people with their skincare and beauty needs. When it comes to summers in Milwaukee, she mentioned that there is always something to do every week including festivals like Summerfest!

Rushdy Q., driving since 2016

Rushdy has been driving with Uber for 2 years. He has enjoyed the flexibility that Uber allows for while also being able to meet new people. He believes that driving with Uber helps keep riders safe because they are able to enjoy a night with friends and are able to get home by using Uber. In his free time, Rushdy enjoys spending his summers fishing, being by the lakefront, and going to Summerfest to listen to all the different genres of music in one place.

Jason P., driving since 2017

Jason has been driving with Uber for over a year and enjoys having great conversations with riders he meets who come from all over. Jason told us he is proud to be a driver-partner because he feels he is providing an important service to the community by giving people a way to get a safe ride to their next destination. He mentioned that what’s interesting about driving with Uber is you never know where the day or ride will take you. When it comes to keeping riders safe, he said that riding with Uber can help the rider relax--whether it’s getting home after a night out, going to the airport for an early flight, or taking someone home who has just had a late night shift at work.

During the summertime, he shared that there is always something to do or somewhere to go. Jason mentioned that with the arrival of summer also comes festival season, where everyone is outside enjoying great food, company and just plain fun. This will be Jason’s second year driving during Summerfest, and he told us it is a great time for the community to come together, kick back, and just have fun listening to live music and reveling in the camaraderie of the festival.

Boniface O., driving since 2014

Boniface has been driving with Uber for over 4 years. When it comes to driving with Uber, he loves being able to meet new people, providing them with the best service he can while also putting smiles on their faces. He also shared that driving with Uber helps him to provide everyone with a safe ride to wherever they may be going next. In his spare time, Boniface loves music and plays both the trumpet and tuba. He is also studying to complete his degree in Information Technology.

This will be Boniface’s 12th year celebrating Summerfest. His advice for driver-partners driving for the first time is to have a positive attitude, communicate with your rider, and ensure that you are providing the best service you can for each rider.

Peter F., driving since 2015

Peter has been driving with Uber for over 2 years and enjoys the flexibility the platform allows because he is able to choose when he wants to drive. During the summer, Peter loves spending his time outdoors in the warm weather camping, boating, and just being near all the lakes. Peter has driven during Summerfest in the past and advises to make sure you are aware of the busier streets in the area to try to avoid traffic when leaving the festival. He believes driving with Uber during Summerfest is important because festivalgoers are able to enjoy themselves without having to worry about driving home.

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