Las Vegas heroes: Driver-partners jump into action during tragic shooting

October 13, 2017 / Las Vegas
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Our hearts ache for everyone affected by the senseless tragedy in Las Vegas on October 1. During and immediately after the shooting, nearly 1,300 driver-partners in Las Vegas provided rides and helped festival-goers get off The Strip. These heroes acted quickly and selflessly to help the Las Vegas community.

Here are a few of their stories:


After picking passengers up at Mandalay Bay, Tamir noticed there were a lot of people running away from the casino who kept asking him to give them a ride. As he heard the gunshots and observed the chaos, he debated whether to keep driving or not. Since there were a lot of people who needed help, he decided to keep driving and stayed out until 3am. “I was tired but I kept going,” he told us. He was motivated to be out that night because there were so many people who needed help.


She was dropping people off when she heard gunshots—as a veteran, she recognized that they were coming from a military-grade weapon. Cinda tried to tell everyone she saw on The Strip to run and get to safety. As other cars were leaving the scene, she was almost run off the road while trying to pick up people and continue helping. She said, “there was no adrenaline rush; just all of my years of training and working in situations where I had to watch people and pay close attention to what was going on around me kicked in.”


As a veteran, he used his experience in combat situations to help festival-goers get to safety. “For the most part, I just wanted to help out folks as much as I could,” he told us. The day after the shooting, he proactively told riders he picked up at the airport and around town that they could get free rides to blood donation centers and hospitals to donate blood for the victims.

We’d like to thank every single one of the driver-partner heroes who drove tirelessly through the night and in the following days to support the Las Vegas community.