JUMP – Meet the Leader

November 13, 2019 / Global

Did you know that Uber’s Emerging Tech Teams are working on some pretty cool things? Over the next five weeks, we want to introduce you to some of those teams, share with you what they are working on and what it’s like to work on the team.

Jan Just – Head of Hardware, New Mobility

Describe New Mobility Team to someone outside of the organization who knows little about it?

The New Mobility team is a talented group of experts who have gathered to help make micro-mobility what it is today. The work we’re doing is so much more than how we commute — it’s changing our lifestyle. We will be better human beings when we don’t have traffic factored into our daily lives. Those who work for New Mobility share this same passion and are working to help change the future of transportation.

Describe a typical day?

“Most of my time is spent in very deep engineering and architectural conversations around the application of physics fundamentals and translating those into future-performing vehicles. Every conversation hinges around how we can make the experience around our vehicles better. We’re working to understand how we can create a viable business, what cities expect from us, and how we can fulfill those expectations.”

What are the biggest challenges your team needs to solve?`

“The first major challenge is attracting customers and getting them to experience micro-mobility in their daily lives. If we have a product everyone wants, then the business takes off. We need to attract customers and customize that experience.

Secondly, we need to understand how to operate micro-mobility fleets within today’s infrastructure, as well as working with lawmakers to ensure cities are being designed for the future.”

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