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Great service deserves recognition

July 19, 2018 / US

Riders show their appreciation to drivers millions of times every day with 5-star ratings, compliment badges, thank you notes, and tips in the app. And now, we’re taking that recognition even further.

A new seal of excellence

Introducing Rider Preferred, a designation for drivers designed to recognize those who’ve received extraordinary rider feedback on the highest percentage of their trips. Twice a year, an elite group of drivers will become Rider Preferred, thanks to their commitment to providing outstanding service to their riders.

Celebrating extraordinary service

Rider Preferred drivers will receive a recognition package in the mail and an exclusive Rider Preferred designation in the app to let riders know whenever they’re matched with one of these amazing drivers. To celebrate the launch of Rider Preferred, we’ll also add an extra $1 to every tip recognized drivers receive during one month this summer to help support riders’ gratitude.

Your feedback matters

Keep sharing your thoughts and we’ll keep listening—not only to improve our apps, but to reward the people who go above and beyond to create extraordinary experiences every single day.


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