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International Women’s Day: power of visibility

March 8 / Global

International Women’s Day is commemorated each year on March 8. Uber is proud to continue our tradition of joining millions of people around the world in recognizing the achievements and contributions of women, both past and present. This year, we’re sharing three stories of Women at Uber from different Employee Resource Groups to showcase the #powerofvisibility. Because you can’t be what you can’t see. 

Jovanka Balać
Program Manager II, Tech
Member of Immigrants at Uber ERG

“My parents and I moved to the US in the early nineties to escape war in Yugoslavia. Growing up inside a fairly conservative and patriarchal diasporic society, I rarely, if ever, saw Eastern European women in any positions of power within the home, society, or work. 

When I joined the United States Peace Corps as a volunteer in Romania, I knew that my goal was to provide young girls with the skills they need to grow into successful women who are not afraid of their voices. I had the privilege of partnering with fellow volunteers and Romanian educators to create Girls Leading Our World (GLOW) initiatives throughout the country. 

These camps and afterschool clubs taught girls key skills of leadership, civic duty, sexual and gender education, and communication to develop their voices and strength within their communities. 

I regularly receive notes from the young women who were part of my program a decade ago letting me know about their success because the GLOW camps showed them that women are just as intelligent, independent, resourceful, and powerful as men. I didn’t have a powerful Eastern European woman to look up to as a child, but I do know that the Romanian youth, thanks to our efforts, have hundreds.” 

Julia Asquith
Account Management Lead, Uber Health
Member of Sages at Uber ERG

“In May 2018, after being laid off from my job, I set out on a new path focused on purpose. I drove with Uber in the mornings and evenings and volunteered in the afternoons at my county’s animal shelter.

When a rider entered my car, I realized the interaction could change their day and make a difference. I listened to the elderly woman who could no longer drive, to the man I picked up at a hospital whose child was facing a grim prognosis, and a woman on the way to her husband’s funeral. 

I learned so much about being present, my own resilience, and empathy. It may be a short trip with a rider in my car, interacting with a family at the shelter looking to adopt a pet, or the love of my family, but it’s all impactful.”

Jen Caffrey
Executive Assistant Business Partner
Member of Veterans at Uber ERG

“As a military spouse, your career may take a backseat as you navigate and move around the country, or the world, with your partner. Through my experience, I have learned to be flexible, patient, and embrace change. I am extremely proud of the work ethic I have developed and the growth I have achieved from the various paths I have been able to walk throughout my professional career. 

The skills I gained eventually landed me the opportunity to work at Uber. Here, I joined the Veterans at Uber Leadership Council where I am able to give a voice and support fellow military spouses, assist in recruiting Military, Veteran, and Partner talent, while working on discovering and developing initiatives within the Uber app.”

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