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Making Uber Health work at your hospital

November 9, 2020 / US

We understand that hospital systems are complex—both operationally and physically with regard to layouts and buildings. That’s why we’ve put together a few posts with some tips and resources to help you use Uber Health in various situations across your hospital.

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Other ways to use Uber

Access to transportation doesn’t have to be limited to discharge and outpatient appointments. You can also use the Uber Health platform to find rides for:

  • Transfers between sites and hospitals for patients and families 
  • Enabling families to visit their loved ones
  • Moving caregivers and home health visits
  • Returning families to their cars if they’ve traveled with the patient to another facility for a transfer 
  • Replacements for existing van services to reduce shared transport
  • Research and clinical trials
  • Helping patients get to flu shot clinics or pharmacies 

These additional Uber for Business solutions may help address other challenges at your hospital:

  • Gift cards: Give an Uber gift card for rides or food (Uber Eats) to boost employee morale or help families of patients get to/from the hospital
  • Employee travel: Support your staff in getting to and from work with a customized travel program, while freeing up parking spots for patients
  • Uber Eats: Create your meal delivery program for staff, seniors, or recently discharged patients
  • Vouchers: Subsidize meals or rides for patients or staff by partially paying through Vouchers  

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As a reminder, Uber is committed to the safety of riders and drivers. Everyone must follow advice from public health authorities, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), that ridesharing should not be used for people diagnosed with COVID-19 or for symptomatic riders who suspect they may have it. Read more about the steps Uber is taking to help keep communities safe.