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Haunted cities in the US

October 12, 2017 / US

With Halloween just around the corner, all things haunted, scary, and paranormal are on the table. And what goes with Halloween better than a good haunted city or ghost story? So pull out the crystal ball, light a few candles, and keep an eye out for meandering black cats as we run down the list of some of our favorite haunted cities to visit this October.

Haunted cities in the US


It’s no surprise that a city so closely linked with the American Revolution would be full of haunted stories. Oh and the first “witch” to be publicly hanged wasn’t actually in nearby Salem, it was Boston. Find some time to check out the Parker House where the elevator mysteriously stops on the 3rd floor without provocation and the long-since deceased former owner, Harvey Parker, is rumored to walk through the halls ensuring his guests are taken care of.

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Chicago has had its fair share of bloody disasters that make for haunted hijinks throughout the city. From the Al Capone era gang violence to the infamous Chicago fire in 1871 and the Eastland disaster of 1915, there are plenty of wandering souls that have spooked inhabitants for years. Take a visit, if you dare, to Graceland Cemetery where it’s rumored those who are brave enough to stare into the eyes of the “Eternal Silence” statue will see a vision of their own death.   

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New Orleans

New Orleans is a hotspot for paranormal activity. A city rich with terrifying history, there is no shortage of scary haunts to explore for the strong-willed. No ghost-loving explorer can leave the city without checking out the LaLaurie House. The bone-chilling abode was home to socialite Delphine LaLaurie whose actions will make your blood run cold. It’s not uncommon for passersby to claim to see her ghoulish visage peering down from the windows on those standing below.

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It seems that nearly all of the early American cities have a haunted history that keeps their inhabitants on their toes. Philadelphia is no exception with an assorted collection of cursed bars, hotels, and former hospitals. If you have the courage, make a pitstop at Eastern State Penitentiary. Abandoned since the 1970s, there have been ghost sightings since the 1940s and they’ve only increased as time has gone on. Be sure to opt for the Steve Buscemi narrated audio tour if you decide to truly explore the haunted halls.

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San Antonio

A place that’s home to the infamous Alamo was always going to have a rich and spooky past. The Spanish Governor’s Palace has been rumored to be home to a bevy of ghosts including the spirits of young children and victims of executions. Be sure to visit the Alamo after dark where locals have claimed for years to see the spirits of those slain wandering around the grounds.

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From haunted hotels to cursed chateaus, there is no shortage of petrifying paranormal activity for those with the grit to seek it out. Whether you’re only interested in the stories or are looking for a more immersive experience, be sure to stop by any of the places on this list for a perfectly creepy adventure.

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