Hurricane heroes: Drivers go the extra mile during Harvey and Irma

September 29, 2017 / US

Our hearts and minds are with all those impacted by recent hurricanes across the U.S. and the Caribbean, and have taken steps to help our communities rebuild. To support in the immediate aftermath, we’ve donated $700,000 of rides, meals, and relief to families and first responders in Florida and Texas. As a part of this, we also donated thousands of free rides to and from shelters, so people in impacted areas could access safe, reliable transportation when they needed it most.

In the midst of tragedy, we’ve been overwhelmed by the incredible stories of drivers who’ve gone above and beyond to help riders in need. Here are just a few of those inspiring Hurricane Heroes:


Oma, an elderly woman, was alone in her Sarasota home with her dog as Hurricane Irma approached Florida, unable to pack her car by herself and unsure which shelters were open. So she asked her younger relative to get her an Uber to safety.

Driver-partner Marsha got the request. Before picking Oma up, Marsha drove to multiple nearby shelters to see which were still open and took pets. When she got to Oma’s home she helped her load up her car full of belongings, drove her to Brookside Middle School, and helped her unpack and check in.

But the story doesn’t end there. Marsha drove back to the shelter later that night to drop off a mattress and blankets for Oma. Over the next few days, Marsha brought her food and water and stayed on call in case she needed anything else – and when the storm had subsided, Marsha came back to pick up Oma and her belongings from the shelter and took her safely home. Oma now calls Marsha her Uber Angel.


In the days before Hurricane Irma hit, an Uber rider and his fiancée managed to secure one of the last flights out of Orlando. But on their way to the airport, their rental car broke down, leaving them on the side of the highway in the middle of the night. Enter Uber partner Rudy, who agreed to drive them the to Orlando overnight (after calling his wife to let her know he’d be home late.)


In the days before Hurricane Irma, Tony needed a way to evacuate his 67-year-old mother and 85-year-old grandfather from West Palm Beach. With flights and rental cars sold out, he requested an Uber ride.

Driver-partner Antoine accepted the request and drove Tony’s mother and grandfather the 170 miles to Orlando.

“I have peace of mind now,” reported Tony’s mother after the trip. “I’ve been worried sick for days.”

Thanks to all of our driver-partners who offered rides and a helping hand when their neighbors needed it most. 

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