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Tell the Georgia Legislature: Don’t Tax My Ride

February 27, 2017 / Georgia

Uber is committed to making sure Georgians have access to safe, reliable and affordable rides—anytime, anywhere.  

However, the Georgia Legislature is now considering a bill (HB 225) that would force you to pay a high tax on each and every Uber ride. This tax is out of step with states across the country and would hurt Georgians who depend on Uber for affordable rides—whether it is home from the bar late at night or commuting to work each morning.

We thank the Georgia Legislature for passing a framework for ridesharing two years ago – welcoming a convenient transportation option for riders, creating a flexible work opportunity for drivers, and sending the message that Georgia is receptive to new technologies. Just as they passed a modern regulatory framework for ridesharing, the state legislature should pass a fee structure that makes sense for riders and drivers.     

Your voice matters! Tell your Representative to vote NO on increasing the cost of your Uber ride.  If protecting your hard-earned money is important to you, this is your chance to speak out against this tax hike.  

Since the Georgia Legislature is considering taxing you, they need to hear from you.