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Enjoy a stress-free holiday with help from Uber

November 16, 2017 / US

The holidays are a time for family, fun, and celebration. But for those times when all your perfect planning hits a fork in the road, Uber is there to help ease your worries. From last-minute gifts to airport pickups and dropoffs, Uber has easy solutions to many of your holiday hiccups, so you’ll finally feel like the holidays are going your way.

Cross off your list in minutes

When the holiday hustle gets the best of you and there just isn’t any more time for crossing off the people on your list, never fear. An Uber gift card is fast, stress-free, and a must-have for everyone you care about this year. And because Uber gift cards work for rides and Uber Eats, you’ll be able to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Get guests home safely


Send your guests on their merry way

After all the gifts have been given and the holiday party is wrapped, you can request a reliable ride home for friends and family directly from your Uber app. Simply tap Where to?, then choose who’s riding. Your loved one will receive a text with important trip details like ETA, car type, and driver contact info, so that they can coordinate directly with the driver.

Stress-free holiday partying


Pick up your besties

This holiday season, make sure you and all your friends show up to the party together. With multiple destinations, you can now add up to 2 extra pickups to your trip to grab any last-minute partygoers during the ride.

Paint the town UberBLACK

Feel like making a splash during this year’s holiday party circuit? Treat yourself to a high-end ride in an UberBLACK—and impress your besties along the way.

Roll up together

Don’t feel like heading to your holiday shindig alone? Go big with uberXL and get an affordable SUV that has similar wait times to uberX but can hold up to 5 of your favorite party people.

Note: UberBLACK and uberXL availability may depend on location.

Pickups made magical


When the weather outside isn’t so delightful

In the midst of all the holiday hustle, it can sometimes be hard to meet up with your driver. Now you can share your location with your driver in real time to help them find you faster.

When city sidewalks become busy sidewalks

When the holiday crowds start to grow, finding the best spot to meet your driver can be tricky. That’s why we’ll suggest nearby pickup spots where trips often start. These locations are where riders and drivers have had smooth pickup experiences in the past helping you to get going quicker. See how below:

1. Tap the Where To? box or a shortcut to enter your destination
2. Pick your vehicle type
3. Suggested pickup spots will appear as blue dots on the Pickup Confirmation screen
4. You’ll see pickup spot options, or a recommended pickup spot as the default
5. You can move your pin to adjust your pickup spot as needed

Light the way to a smoother pickup*

Ever have trouble figuring out which car is the ride you requested? Introducing Beacon, designed to make Uber pickups easier for riders and drivers. The device which sits in the driver’s car glows in a color you choose in the app, making finding your driver easier, especially at night. Please note Beacon is currently not available in all cities but stay tuned for when it’s available near you.

Season’s eatings, delivered

Did the holiday ham cook a little too long? Not to worry. With Uber Eats a delicious meal is just a tap away. Select from some of your favorite local restaurants and take care of payment within the app as you follow the progress of your order on your phone. And with an average delivery time of 35 minutes, you’ll be the host(ess) with the mostest before your guests can say, “What’s for dinner again?”

Stress-free party planning


Send guests a ride while you set the table

Does Aunt Edna need a ride to the airport or Grandpa need to get home from your family dinner? With our updated Request for a Guest feature, calling an Uber ride for a loved one is now easier than ever—they don’t even need to have the Uber app themselves. Simply tap Where To? as you normally would, then choose who’s riding. Your loved one will receive a text with important trip details like ETA, car type, and driver contact info. Then you can finish decking the halls as they arrive on time.

*  Please note that the enhanced version of this feature will be live in all cities before the end of 2017

Stress-free travel


Rides that fit your holiday schedule

Whether it’s an early flight to grandma’s or being first in line for the hottest new holiday gadget, you’ll have one less thing to worry about when you schedule a ride using Uber.


1. Schedule a ride

Tap the car icon to schedule a ride.

2. Set pickup info

Set your pickup date, time, location, destination, ride type, and your fare will be locked in as long as you schedule more than an hour in advance.

3. Confirm your trip

Confirm the details of your upcoming trip and tap Schedule. Edit or cancel anytime before your ride.*

4. Enjoy your ride

We’ll send you reminders the day of the trip and notify you when your ride is on the way. 

Lock in your price before you ride

With the introduction of upfront pricing, if you schedule a ride at least one hour in advance, you’ll know what you’re paying before you schedule a ride**. When you schedule at least an hour in advance, your trip’s price won’t be impacted by demand at the time of pickup. Schedule a ride now so you have one less thing to worry about later.


So this holiday season, spend less time sweating the small stuff and take back some cheer with Uber.

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