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Give your travelers something extra this Employee Appreciation Day

March 5 / US

March 6 is Employee Appreciation Day—time to take note of all the wonderful work your team does. While we all love a good HR party (save a cupcake for me, please!), this holiday is also a great time for managers to recognize, celebrate, and reward their exemplary employees and travelers and publicly thank them for a job well done.

Reward travelers for traveling

As you may already know, reward points are more important to some of your travelers than they are to others. We all know a person who strategically saves and tallies their points. Whether applied toward that coveted platinum status or a couple of free nights at a favorite hotel chain, points can deliver rewards to your employees that you might not be able to offer internally.

Employee Appreciation Day can be an opportunity to let your employees know about what points programs are available to them, especially if you have a preferred travel or hospitality vendor. Notifications like this can help improve employee morale and drive greater compliance with your travel policy.

Uber Rewards is one of those programs, and it’s available to everyone on the Uber app. Letting your employees know that they can earn reward points when riding for business purposes is a great way to give them a little something extra while promoting compliance with your T&E policy.

What’s more, American Express Corporate Card Members who enroll in Uber Rewards can earn double points when they ride and triple points when they order through Uber Eats on their business profile. Sign-up is easy—they can just follow the instructions here. Terms apply.*

Give them a gift card

Gift cards are a great way to say thank you, especially to a wide range of people. The freedom to choose your reward is a gift in itself, and on-demand access to rides or meals, 24/7, is about as liberating as it gets. When you give Uber gift cards, you give the gift of choice.

Check with your HR team to see about ordering gift cards through Uber for Business.

If you have the budget, you could give a gift card to each of your employees to say thanks for their hard work. If you’re feeling creative, you might consider hosting a raffle or some other morale-boosting competition to bring your team together.

Delighting with data

As a travel manager, you have another asset to fuel some creative fun: all of that data in your hands. People love to look at their year in review. Just look at the success of Spotify’s end-of-year campaigns.

Even if you don’t have the time or resources to create personalized snapshots, you can still show interesting stats related to your organization’s travel as a whole. Congratulate your compliance champions with call-outs and prizes for filling out their expense reports on time, every time. Recognize your top 3 road warriors and announce the number of miles they traveled.

If you’re an Uber for Business account manager, you can download a CSV file of all of the rides your employees have taken and work some excel magic. Graphs and data can be fun, as well as informational, especially when people can see how they rank amongst others.

Giving is receiving

Whether you have a team of 10 or 1,000 travelers, saying thank you is always appreciated. Sharing knowledge of reward programs, offering a prize or gift card, and delighting them with data are all great ways to achieve this goal, but they aren’t the only ways. Recognizing outstanding employee contributions can help you further your goals of compliance and adoption—and can help you fortify and prime a confident and loyal team, as well.

*Standard Rate: The standard U.S. Uber Rewards rate is one point per eligible dollar for Pool, Express Pool, and Uber Eats orders; two points per eligible dollar for X, XL, WAV/Assist, Comfort, and Select; and three points per eligible dollar for Uber Black and Black SUV rides. Uber Taxi and JUMP rides do not earn points. If users do not earn reward points on a ride, they will not earn extra reward points through the American Express benefit. The extra reward points earned through the Amex benefit are Uber reward points only, meaning that they count toward redemption awards earned every 500 reward points but, unlike “level points,” do not count toward Uber Rewards membership levels (Blue, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond). See U.S. Uber Rewards Program Terms for details. For information on what constitutes an eligible dollar, users can visit the U.S. Uber Rewards Program Terms and Conditions here.

Promotions: Any additional promotions that Uber runs will not impact the number of extra reward points provided by the Amex benefit. 

Uber Cash: Uber rides and Uber Eats orders paid for using only Uber Cash will not earn extra reward points through the American Express benefit, even if the Uber Cash was paid for using an eligible American Express Corporate Card. 

Eligible Card Members: To be eligible for the benefit, Card Members must first open the app and enroll in the U.S. Uber Rewards program, which requires being physically in the United States at the time of enrollment. Card Members already enrolled in Uber Rewards can verify the market in which they are enrolled by checking the Uber Rewards Program Terms & Conditions in their app. Card Members can contact Uber Support regarding any issues they have enrolling. Extra reward points with Uber Rewards, which is the ability to earn extra reward points with your eligible Amex Card, is available to U.S. Corporate Card Members with the following Cards: American Express® Corporate Green Card, American Express® Corporate Gold Card, and the Corporate Platinum Card® from American Express. Priority pickups at most U.S. airports is available to American Express® Corporate Gold Card Members and Card Members with the Corporate Platinum Card® from American Express. Priority pickups is based on driver availability. Shorter wait times are not guaranteed for any given airport pickup. Card Members with the Corporate Platinum Card® from American Express also have the ability to request to ride with highly rated drivers where available. Ratings and trip thresholds for highly rated drivers may vary by city and over time. This benefit may not be available in all locations. Requests may be unfulfilled if no eligible drivers are available. 

Terms apply. See here for details on Uber Rewards.