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Ingrid’s story: mother, Los Angeles driver-partner

Ingrid is a mother, a grandmother, and a Proposition 47 beneficiary. After going to prison for a nonviolent offense, she was granted early release and now actively helps other formerly incarcerated men and women in Los Angeles get back on their feet. She also drives with Uber.

“I found it so easy to want to work and since I have a lot of kids, I always have something to do with the kids…and I have the confidence of knowing that I can still provide.”

In 2014, California passed Proposition 47, a state law that reclassifies certain low-level, nonviolent felonies into misdemeanors. Recently, Uber aligned its driver screening criteria in California with Prop 47 to give more people a chance to earn money. As a result, 3,300+ new drivers have signed up. Their customers rate their quality of service just as highly as the other drivers in California.