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Colorado PUC trying to shut down Uber in Denver

January 29, 2013 / Denver


Since our launch five months ago, Uber has made great strides in creating a convenient, efficient, and classy transportation alternative in Denver. Uber’s technology platform has improved transportation options for thousands of Denverites, and has helped grow the small businesses of hundreds of our driver partners.

All across America, officials in New York, Washington, DC, Boston, and California have embraced Uber’s innovative technology, laying the foundation in their cities for a 21st century transportation system.  Unfortunately, the Colorado Public Utilities Commission proposed rule changes this month which, if enacted, would shut UberDenver down. We need your help to prevent these regulations from taking effect!  Sign the petition!!

Here’s a sampling of what’s being proposed (Proposed Rules Changes):

  • Uber’s pricing model will be made illegal: Sedan companies will no longer be able to charge by distance (section 6301)
    • This is akin to telling a hotel it is illegal to charge by the night.
  • Uber’s partner-drivers will effectively be banned from Downtown — by making it illegal for an Uber car to be within 200 feet of a restaurant, bar, or hotel.   (section 6309)
    • This is TAXI protectionism at its finest. The intent is to make sure that only a TAXI can provide a quick pickup in Denver’s city center.
  • Uber’s partner-drivers will be forced OUT OF BUSINESS — partnering with local sedan companies will be prohibited. (section 6001 (ff))

These rules are not designed to promote safety, nor improve quality of service.  They are intended to stop innovation, protect incumbents, hurt independent drivers, and shut down Uber in Denver.  


The taxi companies have lobbied local officials for decades, but we have something more powerful: YOU.  Make your voices heard.  Tell your elected leaders that you want your Uber — and you want Colorado to welcome innovation, not shut it down.  We believe Colorado Governor Hickenlooper is a friend of small business & innovation and will be receptive to our cause.  Here’s what you can do:

1) Contact Gov. Hickenlooper and tell him, “Save Uber in Colorado! Withdraw PUC Rules Changes to sections 6001, 6301, & 6309.”

Email Gov. Hickenlooper

Write on Gov. Hickenlooper’s Facebook Wall

2)  Contact the Colorado PUC Directly:

Email Joshua Epel, Chairman

Email Doug Dean, Director

3)  Sign the petition that shows the PUC your #UberDENVERLove.

Please help Uber keep moving Denver forward – we can’t do it without you!

With #UberDenverLove,

Will McCollum –
UberDenver General Manager