Coca-Cola and Uber leaders discuss keeping corporate culture strong during difficult times

April 16 / US

For Uber for Business’s 150,000+ global customers, the pandemic has presented new and unexpected challenges. Chief among these was the need to stay connected with employees while teams were forced to work apart, many for the first time. 

Recent research shows employee engagement to be a key indicator of an organization’s success, so we turned to Robin Gee, an expert in the field and Coca-Cola’s Vice President of Human Resources, for more insights. She joined Uber’s Senior Vice President of Mobility and Business Operations, Andrew Macdonald, for a lively discussion on how companies can best position themselves for success in the rapidly shifting work landscape. 

Uber for Business’s Global Head of Account Management John Foong, kicked off the discussion kicked off with insights into how our customers have navigated the past year when the old models of engagement did not exist. Many of our customers found creative ways to host virtual events, celebrate the holidays, get workers to the office, and feed employees in the field. Large companies with essential workers are feeding them in the workplace; others have sent care packages and dinner treats for virtual parties. And some Uber for Business customers are covering their employees’ transportation, to help give them peace of mind when going to the office or warehouse. 

Gee highlighted the way Coca-Cola has also kept employees and customers engaged, including through the use of Uber’s corporate offerings such as gift cards for Uber Eats. She and Macdonald discussed a number of topics, like how to bolster employee morale and how to navigate hybrid workplaces. “At Coca-Cola, we have a globally diverse operation and employee base, as well as a large manufacturing organization,” said Gee. “It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.”

Both executives also touched on how impressed they’ve been with their teams’ resilience this past year. When reflecting on 2020, Macdonald added, “Even in the year’s darkest days, the best of Uber and our employees shone through. We delivered millions of health and safety supplies to drivers and delivery people, offered financial assistance to those who needed it most, and helped our communities move what matters with free trips for healthcare workers and seniors.”

To hear Gee and Macdonald’s complete conversation, you can access the recording here.