Driver Announcements

Recognizing Boston’s All Star Drivers

June 1, 2017 / Boston

From hello to goodbye, drivers are at the heart of every trip. To say thank you to the many amazing Uber driver-partners in Boston, we launched the All Star program. Through this program riders can nominate their exceptional drivers for a chance to win an All Star experience from a first pitch with the Boston Red Sox to a sneak peek inside the Green Monster.

Meet a few of our home run heroes


With over 12,000 trips in the books, Joaquim D. has clearly delighted many riders as he has managed to maintained a 4.93 star rating! He was one of a select number of All Star drivers to be treated to tickets to a Red Sox game. And that isn’t all he snagged—he and his son, Allan were also lucky enough to catch a foul ball in the bottom of the 7th!

Frankie V. is a true All Star—husband, father and driver-partner of over 2 years. His infectious enthusiasm, amicable nature, and general courtesy earned him several All Star nominations and ultimately a first pitch with the Boston Red Sox. As a former High School Baseball player, Frankie’s sinker over home plate was a winning first pitch to be sure.

Have an All Star driver?

Nominate them with an All Star Compliment

  • After a trip, rate your driver.
  • Choose to give a Compliment and select the All Star icon.
  • Your thank you automatically enters their name for a chance to score.