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5 tips for protecting your Uber account

October 26, 2017 / US

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month in many countries around the world and we’re sharing our top security tips for Uber riders and driver-partners. While our security teams work around the clock to block suspicious activity on your account, following a few simple tips can also help protect you against scammers.

Top 5 security tips    

  1. Use a unique password for every online account. Don’t use your Uber password on any other website or service.
  2. Don’t share your password or verification code with anyone. Uber will never ask you for this information.
  3. Only add debit or credit cards you own to your Uber account.
  4. Scammers are clever. Be cautious of phone calls, text messages, and emails from anyone claiming to be an Uber employee and offering a reward or prize. The FTC tracks these types of “impersonation scams” across many services and you can follow their scam alerts here.
  5. If you notice any suspicious activity on your account, report it to us immediately in the mobile app or at We take these reports seriously and work with financial institutions and law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute scammers.