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Go Get It

Ready, set—go get it! That’s right. Now you can go anywhere and get anything with Uber. Whatever it is you want to do, no matter how big or small, we’re here to help fuel your life.

Go anywhere with Uber

Go places near and far. For nights out or mellow mornings, go anywhere your heart desires. And remember to travel safely. So whether you want to ride, bike, or scoot, we’re here to help you get there.*

  • Ride on demand

    Hop in, relax, and get where you need to go, budget-consciously and fuss-free. The Uber app makes it a snap. Tap a button to help you get on the way for work or for play.

  • Мислете за околната среда

    Request Uber Green in select cities on your next trip and help support a green future for all of us. Make your city more sustainable with a low-emission ride in a hybrid or electric vehicle.


    No car? No prob! Get out of town, pop over to see friends, or instigate an urban adventure after finding the perfect rental car through one of our rental partners in the Uber app. Valet service is available too.

  • Ride in comfort

    Lean in with more room, more preferences, and more time to get to the car. Space is the place with Uber Comfort. It’s an invitation to positively siiiiigh in comfort.

  • Try an e-bike or scooter

    Zip there by pedal-assist electric bike or electric scooter and truly thrill to city streets from pavement level. Super fun, affordable, and a joy to ride. Simply tap the 2-Wheels view in the Uber app in select cities to get going.*

  • Насрочете пътуване

    “Can’t miss it for anything” event coming up? Schedule a ride up to 60 or more minutes ahead and up to 30 days in advance and lock in your price for that trip.


Get anything with Uber

Hungry? Thirsty? Desperately in need of something essential, or just plain indulgent? Don’t worry, we've got you. And not just the meal things—the grocery things, the convenience store things, and more. So whatever the thing, just tap the app to get it delivered.*

  • Get a meal delivered

    Dine divine with plentiful choice. Be dazzled by a wide array of global cuisines. From local places you love to fave big-name chains, Uber Eats has what you’re craving. Open the app and order up.

  • Get groceries delivered

    Satisfy your hunger, stock up the fridge, or simply save yourself a trip to the store by getting groceries delivered to your door. It’s quick, easy, and available through the Uber Eats app.

  • Send a package

    Need to send something across town and have it arrive the same day? Uber Connect makes it a snap to send packages, gifts, items you sell online, and more, with no postage required. Select Connect in the Uber app.

  • Get everyday essentials delivered

    Save yourself a trip with a convenience store order through Uber Eats. Get everyday essentials, ingredients for a summer picnic, or the perfect snacks for a movie night in.

  • Order prescriptions delivered

    Need a prescription filled and don’t have time to pick it up? With the Uber Eats app, in partnership with NimbleRx and available in select cities, it’s easy: just tap Prescriptions and connect your account. Your prescription will be filled by NimbleRx and delivered with Uber Eats with a $0 Delivery Fee in as little as 2 hours. Includes real-time tracking too.


Uber’s commitment to your community

We’re about much more than rides, meals, and deliveries. We’re committed. We’re impassioned. And we’re making a stand for what we believe in—all the while helping to fuel your ambition and go-get-it spirit.

  • Our commitment to sustainability

    Millions of rides a day, net-zero emissions by 2030—our commitment to every single person on the planet. The path there: electric. Uber has a plan to get there, and we need you to come along for the ride.

  • Safety at Uber

    Whether you’re taking a ride or having a meal delivered, your peace of mind is top of mind at Uber—that’s why we have a Door-to-Door Safety Standard and lots more.

  • Social justice at Uber

    Everyone’s well-being and unhindered right to move are important to us. That's why we've committed to being an anti-racist company and contributing to a better world for all.


Now’s the time. Go get it. Download Uber and Uber Eats.

*Available in select cities. Certain requirements, availability, and features vary by country, region, and city.