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Proof of Driver Licence Status

The NSW Point to Point Transport Commissioner has flagged to us that due to a recent change on your NSW Driving Record, you may no longer be eligible to drive on the Uber platform.

Action Required

In order to continue to drive on the Uber platform, you will need to take one of the following actions:

  • Follow the instructions below to provide Uber with a screenshot of your licence through the Service NSW application


Driver Licence Status

Screenshotting the Service NSW Application

  • Step 1: Visit Service NSW website at

  • Step 2: If you already have an account with Service NSW, please click 'Login In' on the top right corner of the website. If you do not have an account, select 'Sign Up', and you can follow the steps on the Service NSW website to create one. You will require your NSW Driver licence and a email address to sign up for a Service NSW Account.

  • Step 3: Once logged in to your Service NSW account, go back to the home page on Service NSW website, under "Pay, Renew & Replace" click on "Renew Driver Licence" or alternatively visit

  • Step 4: Proceed with clicking "Renew Online" and it will take you to the next page which gives you an option to renew your existing or expiring licence.

  • Step 5: It will bring up your licence details showing your "Status: Active", see example.

  • Step 6: Please take a screenshot of your licence details of that section. It is important that Name on Licence, Licence Status and Expiry are visible in the screenshot. If it does not fit on one page, please take multiple screenshots. Please be aware you are visiting the "Renewing Driver Licence" on Service NSW website only to confirm your status of your licence via a screenshot.

  • Step 7: Email the screenshot to

How to take a Screen Shot


  • iPhone 8 or earlier: Simultaneously press the top (or side) button and the home button
  • iPhoneX: Simultaneously press the side button on the right side of your device and the volume up button on the left side

Samsung Galaxy

Press and hold the power button then simultaneously press the home button and hold both until the shutter sound is heard. Please note: On some Androids, screenshots of the Service NSW are not permitted. In this case, you can take a photo of the screen using another device, such as a friend/family's phone or a webcam.

Need more Help?

Visit to get additional support in actioning your proof of driver licence stats.